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Ashley Madison Leak: Press Release & Data

Infidelity is often cited as the reason for divorce, but infidelity is far more a consequence of earlier issues in a relationship which consequently haven’t been addressed.

Unfortunately, the service that Ashley Madison has provided for the past decade met the need for a group people with problems in their relationships, reaching for a quick fix to escape their marriage or otherwise, which ignores underlying issues and ultimately, makes matters infinitely worse.

Looking at the statistics of divorce around the world, it is not hard to see that this issue goes remarkably untreated and has resulted in an exceptionally high number of people struggling with divorce, and infidelity, on a daily basis.

Please see here the infographic contained in our press release for the facts we have researched and accumulated on this issue.

Founder: Adele Theron
PR Contact: Piper Hull

Infographic - Infidelity 2

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