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Divorced Book for Women

A 21-day program for women recovering from divorce

Divorced Book for Men

A 21-day program for men recovering from divorce

Get over Divorce

The Ten Top Tips that you need to ‘Get Through Divorce’.

Naked Divorce for Women

The breakthrough program for your new life

Life Beyond Lockdown

Life Beyond Lockdown FREE Podcast

The COVID-19 crisis has changed life for many of us as we know it. Most of us have experienced or are experiencing an extensive lockdown and all the uncertainty that comes with that. Over the next 7 episodes, Trauma Therapist Adele Theron will explore the various aspects of lockdown and life beyond it as she examines how to handle mass uncertainty when our brains and nervous systems kick into overdrive, how to manage our personal relationships and not blow them up, how to navigate tensions in relationships and knowing if and when to blow things up, navigating beginnings and endings, handling uncertainty with finance and work and changes which may happen to your livelihood and how to build a plan for life beyond lockdown so that you exit with resilience, having stitched a brand new garment for your life. So if you are interested in tips and tools for resiliency and handling life inside and after lockdown, this is the podcast is for you!

The Etiquette of Divorce: 10 Secrets to Get Over Divorce on Udemy

Learn the top 10 Divorce Etiquette secrets to Get Over Your Divorce or Breakup fast

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