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Making one of the toughest decisions of your life is best achieved away from your normal environment. Take this moment seriously because if your marriage is savable, you should focus on saving it…

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In the midst of life’s toughest decisions, a change of scenery can bring unprecedented clarity. Your journey towards resolution begins here, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. When the foundation of your marriage shakes, you deserve the support and knowledge that will shape your destiny.

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From Chaos to Clarity: The Role of Professionals in Your Decision-Making Journey


During times of upheaval, having a seasoned professional by your side can be the difference between feeling lost and finding your way forward with confidence. As you stand at the crossroads of uncertainty, the value of expert guidance cannot be overstated. Here’s why enlisting professional help is paramount during this challenging time:

1. Gaining Clarity through a New Perspective

In times of uncertainty, seeking the counsel of a seasoned professional can provide you with the fresh perspective needed to navigate through the fog of doubt. Just as distant shores offer clarity to sailors lost at sea, distancing yourself from familiar surroundings with the help of a coach can provide you with a new vantage point to survey your challenges. This change of perspective can be the catalyst for recognizing solutions you might have otherwise missed.

2. Objective Perspective

When you’re entangled in the midst of uncertainty, objectivity can be hard to come by. A coach offers an impartial perspective, helping you see the bigger picture and make decisions that align with your long-term well-being. They can dissect complex situations, offering insights you might have missed due to emotional involvement.

3. Customized Strategies

No two situations are alike, and what works for one person may not work for another. A professional coach tailors strategies to your unique circumstances. They’ll identify your strengths and areas that need attention, crafting a plan that best suits your journey. This personalized approach enhances your ability to cope and emerge stronger from the process.

4. Navigating Complexity

Uncertain times often involve intricate complexities that can be overwhelming for those without expertise in these areas. A coach can connect you with resources and experts who can help you make informed decisions. This ensures that you’re fully aware of the implications of your choices, minimizing potential surprises down the road.

5. Strategic Decision-Making

Decisions made during challenging times can have long-lasting consequences. A coach assists you in making decisions that align with your values and long-term goals. Their experience equips you to evaluate options objectively, empowering you to make choices that serve your best interests.

6. Constructive Communication

Communication during uncertainty is often strained, leading to further conflicts. A coach provides tools and strategies to communicate constructively, fostering a more amicable environment for negotiation and collaboration. This can reduce the emotional toll and facilitate smoother interactions.

7. Empowerment and Self-Care

Challenging situations can shake your confidence and self-esteem. A skilled coach helps you rediscover your strengths and empowers you to take control of your life. They guide you in practicing self-care and setting boundaries, ensuring you prioritize your well-being during this challenging phase.

8. Faster Healing and Transformation

Professional guidance expedites the healing process. A coach’s expertise accelerates your journey toward clarity and resolution. They provide strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and grief, enabling you to heal faster and transition to a new chapter of your life.

In the Hands of Experts

While friends and family mean well, their support may not be equipped to address the complexities of uncertainty. Enlisting the services of a qualified coach ensures that you have a dedicated professional who understands the intricacies of the journey. With their guidance, you can face the challenges head-on, emerge stronger, and embrace a brighter future.

Empower Your Journey with Professional Expertise

Naked Divorce

What you might be going through in the early stages following a divorce

When your marriage is on the brink, life is so draining and depressing. You might be arguing all the time and unsure what to do. When your quality of life dips completely, it’s time to make a big decision: Either focus on completing rebuilding your relationship with our Spark Program OR choose to move forward alone. Living in limbo can suck the life out of you, so if you are in this space, getting clarity is a top priority…

Problems sleeping
Problems concentrating or remembering things
Feeling hypervigilant
Upsetting arguments and undue stress communicating
Nostalgia from the past, where your reality is SO polar opposite
Feeling physically and emotionally upset
Feeling disconnected or numb
Feelings of guilt/ shame or panic

Heres the bad news

Many people live in this limbo for months if not years and their health suffers massively. If they divorce too quickly, the vast majority of people will go on to have unsuccessful relationships in the future.  We know this because the divorce rate gets higher with second and third marriages. The reality is: THIS IS ONE OF THE TOUGHEST DECISIONS YOU WILL EVER MAKE. So getting total clarity on this is critical to moving forward either way. If your relationship is save-able: crack on and rebuild it from scratch. If not: Get moving on consciously uncoupling with as little drama as possible.

Heres the good news

At Naked Divorce we have extensive experience in assessing whether a marriage is saveable or not. We have a program to support saving the marriage and programs to support couples and children to heal from divorce. Either which way, living in limbo in an unhappy situation impacts you, your kids and your health and life negatively. Also, if you leave an ailing marriage too long, saving it becomes less achievable over time. Getting clarity gets you out of resignation and back into the driving seat of this situation.

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How do I know if divorce is for me?

Deciding to divorce is a massive choice to make. Getting married is the biggest commitment you have ever made so choosing to undo that is not something to be taken lightly. We have sessions available to help you get clear on whether divorce is the right decision for you. We believe in people doing everything they can to save their marriage and in evaluating whether divorce is for you or not, you have the option to do the Naked Marriage SPARK program to work with your partner to see if your marriage is salvageable. In many cases, we find that it can be.

Naked Marriage SPARK Program is a comprehensive solution designed to rekindle the flames of your relationship. Crafted by Divorce expert Adele Theron, this program draws from a reservoir of personal experience, the triumphs of countless others, and the expertise of the award-winning Naked Divorce program. It’s a roadmap to mend and rejuvenate your relationship, no matter how challenging the terrain may seem.


What Awaits You in the Spark Program?

CLARIFY: We begin by clarifying the state of the relationship and set goals for the relationship.

COMMIT: Next up we focus on setting the rules of the program and everyone signs a contract to commit for the duration.

CONTEXT: Here we set up the context of the relationship including the environment and structure of a great relationship.

CHARACTER: You explore yourselves and your partner through personality tests, personas, human needs, the fuser-isolator dynamic, love languages, and relationship covenants.

COMMUNICATE: This module focuses on NVC, emotionally honest communication, and various techniques. It’s all about improving your communication skills.

CLEAR: This is all about fixing areas and getting closure on areas where past hurts remain.

CREATE: Creating a new relationship contract for the future with new agreements which set the tone to reach the relationship goals.

CAPTIVATE: The art of balancing masculine and feminine polarities, learning the art of influence and emotional closeness.

COURT : Flirting, intimacy and rebuilding connection and physicality within a relationship built to last long term. Learn all the principles of desire and passionate marriage.

CONTINUE: Building a structure which lasts and moving into maintenance on the program so you complete and automate your next steps independently.


Your Journey, Your Choice

Divorce Assessment

Our detailed assessment will unveil the potential for transformation within your relationship. Regardless of the path you take, whether salvaging what’s left or embarking on separate journeys, Naked Divorce Coaching is here to guide you. With over a decade of experience, we’ve honed the art of creating the best outcomes, safeguarding your emotional well-being and financial security.

A Divorce Assessment is a special 3 hour session which will help you to assess your situation and get some clarity to make a choice to divorce or save your marriage. Our team and those who work on the Naked Divorce have transformed the lives of thousands of people over the 11 years We really know an effective pathway to helping people get over the emotional turmoil, circumstances and pressures you will encounter during divorce.

So I invite you to join us in a special Divorce Assessment. It’s a call to help you achieve clarity on your divorce or break up. In this hour, you will:


  • Get Unstuck
    Uncover the inhibitors which are keeping you stuck and keeping you from getting clarity and making a choice.
  • Get clear and choose
    Discover the 5 key frameworks that will help you identify, organize and plan your next steps – whether it be to divorce or save your marriage, then do a program.
  • Move Forward
    Address any concerns or challenges you may need to overcome moving forward in any of the Naked Divorce programs, explore if this is the right vehicle for you and explore the enrollment criteria and payment options and see if any of those programs will work for you



Unlock the Future That Awaits You

Ready to explore the transformative potential of the Naked Marriage Spark Program or embark on an assessment journey? Connect with us today to set your clarity call. Your journey toward clarity, growth, and healing begins now.

Should the painful point of no return be reached, our Divorce Assessment steps in as your guiding light. This comprehensive evaluation takes into consideration vital dimensions to provide you with clarity and insight, guiding you towards the best path forward.

Clarity Call

Problems with traditional therapy…​

Are your goals and those of the traditional therapist aligned?

The reality is that a professional therapist only earns income for as long as your ‘problem’ remains. They are financially incentivized for your issue to continue for as long as possible, often years.

Divorce-Program-No Results v3
No guarantee​ - Traditional therapy has no guarantee of success
Divorce-Program-No Speed v3
Not fast​ - Traditional therapy takes months, often years
Divorce-Program-No Multi-Tech v3
Limited-tech​ - 80%+ only have expertise in one therapy
Divorce-Program-No FixedCost v3
Not cheap - Average cost = $7,436.00 - $14,872.00 (USA)
Divorce-Program-No Specialist
Not expert​ - Not specialized in getting over divorce trauma

Don't just ride the rollercoaster of limbo...

Risks caused by the limbo and pain of no clarity are significant and real both physically and mentally. But with courage, commitment, and action – you can choose whether to save your marriage or to divorce consciously. We guarantee it.



Data: Web MD study conducted in 2019 – check statistics here:



Data: National Center for Biotechnology Information



Divorce Rates: 1st marriage: 50%, 2nd: 67%, 3rd: 74% [USA]

A better healing solution…​

The Naked Divorce Clarity Retreat was built to give you clarity on saving your marriage or choosing to divorce, so you can get back to living, rather than being stuck in limbo.

Guaranteed - 30 day money-back guarantee included with every program
Fast - Intensive program, achieves rapid results
Multi-tech - Highly trained across many trauma coaching technologies
Divorce Program - Cheap
Fixed cost - All our programs are transparent with fixed pricing
Naked Divorce Expert
Expert - We are specialists in getting over divorce

The Naked Divorce Clarity Retreat is 97% faster than Traditional therapy at helping you choose what to do

NakedDivorce vs Therapy Duration
Recovering and reclaiming your life measured in weeks, not years…

Naked Divorce Clarity Retreat

The 5 day Clarity Retreat

The Clarity Retreat can be done alone or as a couple.

It's time to get out of limbo and get clear on whether to divorce or not...

Why the Clarity Retreat?

There are three magic ingredients…

Whilst the content we deliver in The Clarity Retreat is largely similar to that of our Divorce Assessment, it’s undeniable that the results achieved on our Retreats are vastly superior. Here’s why…

There are three (3) critical differences between the Haven and our 21 Day Emotional Freedom Program.

  • Intensity

    If you jog for once a week, in 6 months time your fitness will improve a fraction if at all. If you train 4 times a week, the results after just 2 months will be vastly superior. This is totally logical. And it’s exactly the same with trauma recovery. The more intense the effort, the greater the reward. A 5 day retreat, is (obviously) far more intensive than a 3 hour Divorce Assessment. On the retreat we go into a great amount of detail and review every angle of your marriage and potential divorce (which is itself vastly more intense, and productive than an hour call with a therapist once a week). This means that the decision you make can be made with confidence.

  • Face2Face Interaction with expert in divorce

    Whilst the Naked Divorce team are experts in remote communication, there are certain exercises the therapists can do in-person which make a massive difference to the intensity of your transformation. Working with Adele on this assessment is a very intense and personal journey which not only leads to clarity, but to making some clear commitments to your transformation. Adele’s corporate background means you will most certainly leave with a detailed project plan for life moving forward! The Clarity retreat can be done alone or as a couple.

  • Location

    Getting out of your normal environment means that you can focus on your healing in a way you cannot do at home. It makes total sense that a vacation will assist in emotional clarity. If you want to reduce stress, and want to gain more happiness you need to escape your normal environment. We choose beautiful locations but often run our retreats on location with our clients too.


Whitianga, New Zealand

Call to discuss your Retreat

New Zealand's most spectacular natural attraction, Milford Sound can be enjoyed on an optional excursion

Queenstown, New Zealand

Call to discuss your Retreat


Monterey Bay, California, USA

Call to discuss your Retreat

Naked Divorce is Results Driven


We are obsessed with performance. To make sure we continue to be the best in the industry, we measure everything









"The Internet's #1 Divorce Recovery Company"

The Divorce Magazine

Your Healing Ingredients

These unique ingredients that make The Clarity Retreat the No.1 Divorce Decision Retreat in the World…

haven icons
1-2-1 private coaching with reknowned Divorce Coaches
Scientifically choreographed days that will stimulate recovery
An intense goal-focused program that guarantees results
No other recovery programme on the planet like The Haven
No other divorce recovery program on the planet like The Haven
Celebrities, Royalty, CEO's appreciate the total privacy we provide
Celebrities, Royalty, CEO's appreciate the total privacy we provide
Support starts before you arrive, and includes 30 days post-event follow-up
Support starts before you arrive, and includes 30 days post-event follow-up

Naked Divorce Recovery Data​

Collated user feedback taken prior to Naked Divorce and after the completion of Naked Divorce

Data: Data above is based on self assessment from customers completing the Naked Divorce Clarity and Haven retreats as well as all our online programs. This program (or variations) started in 2012 and data has been recorded from mid 2017.

Data: Data is updated every quarter. Last update: May 2024

Naked Divorce Established


Adele Theron

The UKs number 1 Divorce Coach

Adele Theron Naked Divorce Divorce Coach Get Over Divorce Program
Adele Theron Naked Divorce Divorce Coach Get Over Divorce Program

The Founder of Naked Divorce Adèle Théron speaking on stage at the Mermaid Theatre, London

Make Sure You Don’t Become Addicted to Therapy for Years

There are 3 significant costs to traditional therapy…

Financial: typical cost is equivalent to 6-12 annual holidays [USA]. 

Time: Typically lasts a little under 1.5 years. 

Relationships: Any chance of finding the love of your dreams whilst you still have issues from the past are significantly hampered.

Cost of Divorce Therapy

Emotions at the end of Program

Naked Divorce as a Professional Service









Your Clarity Retreat Contains...

Daily therapy and homework
Divorce Assessment
Personal program
Clarity Pack
Clarity Excursions
Daily Declarations
Thoughts of the day
Clarity Workbook
Calming Anxiety audio
Daily checklist
24/7 support available

Clarity Curriculum

WARM UP PHASE (3 hours)

There is a warm-up phase to this retreat where you have an initial call with Adele to explain your situation at a high level. This helps her to tailor the retreat content to your situation and to give you further pre-work to best prepare for the retreat, if required.

The Clarity retreat can be done alone or as a couple…

Divorce CocoonThe first module is focused on restoring balance. You will do this module remotely with your Divorce Coach as you prepare for the Clarity Retreat. The stress of making a massive decision weighs very heavily upon us and our emotions can go haywire. Before you consider making any critical decisions, we first need to get you grounded, and emotionally stable. To begin, you’ll create a strong solid foundation so you have a supportive environment to contain your transformation.

You’ll regain confidence, self-esteem and control.  And feel invincibly tough in the face of change or criticism.  And you’ll absorb the principles, ethics and structure of the program, so you’re ready and excited to begin transforming. If you are in the middle of your divorce then we may recommend to make the cocoon period a bit longer. Only leave cocoon once you have passed the test!

  • About you
  • Healthy GROUNDED Routines
  • Daily Checklist
  • Follow the rules
  • Physicality
  • Foundation
  • Working on Compassion so you release any shame associated to making decisions freely

MetamorphosisHere the true healing begins. Once you arrive on location you will be cocooned. Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar is rapidly healing and changing, preparing to burst out as a beautiful butterfly. A caterpillar CANNOT grow wings without being contained but once contained, the real work can begin… With step-by-step guidance and around-the-clock support , you’ll work with your Divorce Coach on taking steps daily to reach clarity on what to do with your life. With intensive work on your relationship, your values, your principles and exploring all ways forward, clarity begins to emerge.

The Metamorphosis involves intensive work to focus on your relationship, critical learnings, what the source of the issues are and exploring what to do next. Rapid changes happen within a short period of time. 

  • Telling your Relationship story
  • Consideration of all perspectives
  • Healing pains and issues
  • The Divorce Assessment
  • Shifting your Perception
  • Releasing negative emotions
  • The Marriage principles to test if saveable
  • Sources of issues in the relationship
  • Forgiveness
  • Designing the Future framework
  • Next Steps…

ReleaseOnce your are on your way home, you have a month to complete these steps  with your Divorce Coach.With all pain and emotional trauma gone, feeling light, free and happy, you’re now ready to work on your future, dreams and desires.
Get back in touch with yourself again, change beliefs, set boundaries, and know with crystal clarity what you want either taking forward momentum on your relationship using the Spark Program OR on moving forward in a conscious uncoupling way with Separation Shift or one of our other programs. The Release focuses on your future, your relationship with yourself, and getting back in touch with who you are as a person or as a couple. 

As you enter the final stages of Release, not only will you feel more alive, but you will begin to be free from the constraints of the past and from making excuses to delay having the life you deserve and love. 

Clarity Retreat in a nutshell



Clear Steps

Clear Steps

Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks



Goal Orientated

Goal Orientated

Maintain high performance

Maintain high performance

Benefits of doing the Clarity Retreat

Get your life back - Time is the ultimate perishable resource. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. Get clear on your path and start taking steps forward, and claim your life back now.

Life Lessons - Learning is healing. Healing is learning. The lessons you will learn during this program will be valuable to you across many areas of your life.

Dare to Dream - Dare to dream of a bigger life, a more ambitious, bolder life, with more rewards. You deserve it.

Learn to Love Again - Whether you stay married or choose to divorce, it’s simple, a life lived with love is better. This program will help you attract the right love into your life.

Self Confidence - Knowing in your soul that you can overcome adversity is incredibly valuable to any person's self-confidence, and capability.

Inspire Others - By expanding your personal development, you will inspire friends, family, and if you have them, your children.

Just a few of our testimonials

Haven Retreaters share their experience

“A really transformational experience. I didn’t expect to feel better within a week and I really did. Totally changed life as I know it”

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Collection of Haven Retreat Attendees

“Unbelievable, really life changing”

Canadian Catherine shares her transformational experience of doing the Haven retreat in Chiang Mai.

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Catherine on doing the Haven Naked Divorce retreat

“The best decision I’ve ever made!”

Marie shares her experiences of doing the Haven Retreat at Chang Mai. She couldn’t believe the results!

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Marie shares her experience of doing the Haven Retreat @ Chiang Mai

“I found forgiveness in my heart”

Naked Divorce is a massive blessing! Before I met Adele and the team I believed I would always feel angry. I was wrong!

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S shares her experience of the Naked Divorce Haven Retreat

“It really is a God send!”

What changed though was my ability to now remain very calm and feel in control of my own emotions.

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Nada thanks Naked Divorce for helping her truly heal from the pain of her divorce

“My life’s completely changed!”

I feel the process short circuited a lot of wasted energy and pain and got my back on my feet in double quick time.

Read Case Study →

Jonothan has seen his life change for the better after completing the 21 day programme with Naked Divorce
Jonathan, CEO, Singapore
Naked Divorce is Results Driven

Program Feedback

*taken from over 7453 participants over 8 years











Divorce Program - Trust Pilot

Emotional Freedom Divorce Program - Testimonial KS
Emotional Freedom Divorce Program - Testimonial STam

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"Our goal is to empower 100,000 people to choose to stay married and fix that OR choose to heal from divorce and see it as a crossroads in their life vs. the crisis it is for so many people globally" - Naked Divorce Team

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