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What is a Divorce Coach?

What is a Divorce Coach?     

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What is a Divorce Coach?

Going through a divorce is probably the worst thing that can happen to a once-loving couple. But when it is the only solution to maintain a level of civility between them or ensure the future of their children, it becomes a necessary evil…

Divorce is a trying time for everyone involved. But you don’t have to be alone. Speak to a Divorce Coach and get clarity and direction about your situation. Under the circumstances, you need someone to think on your behalf and help you keep a level head in situations where you’ll be forgiven for going berserk.

What is a Divorce Coach?

A Divorce Coach provides support, guidance, and motivation for people going through a separation or divorce. The goal is to provide a flexible, goal-oriented process so the ones going through a divorce can reach the best possible decision based on their concerns, interests, and needs. Divorce Coaches can come from different professional backgrounds-financial planners, lawyers, mediators, or mental health professionals. This allows clients to choose one based on their specific needs. To be clear, coaching is nothing like counseling or therapy or anything clinical in nature. No diagnosis is made and it is not based on a medical diagnosis either, although this is the common assumption.Coaching doesn’t dig deep into your past to get a better understanding of the root causes of your problem. A coach isn’t a substitute for a lawyer, either. They don’t offer legal advice but will explain the legal process of a divorce in language that you can easily understand.

How does a Divorce Coach work exactly?

A Divorce Coach helps a client build the ability and confidence to manage all the processes involved in their divorce. This way, they gain greater satisfaction from the outcome. A Divorce Coach can:

  • Train you to properly deal with a divorce’s dynamics, especially in daily living, emotional, and legal aspects
  • Help you collaborate with your lawyer in a more cost-effective and efficient manner, providing information as to what documents to prepare and the details to collect
  • Provide the hand-holding you need from someone when you are not willing to share the burden with your family or your lawyer
  • Listen to your complaints about your ex-spouse and then provide tips on how to respond to triggers to ensure a better outcome
  • Help you navigate through the transition and your life after divorce, especially in facing challenges once your lawyer closes the file and serves their role
  • Help you achieve your goals following the life-changing event
  • Teach you how to remain patient and calm by providing you with information about the various stages of the divorce process and how to appropriately deal with each one

How can a Divorce Coach help you along the journey??


Decide on and initiate the changes


Implement the changes


Resolve your feelings and integrate the changes

A Divorce Coach can assist you to navigate the entirety of the divorce journey.

Where are you on your divorce journey?

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At Naked Divorce we have services across the whole journey as follows:

Naked Divorce ServicesDECIDING: Pre-divorce Getting clarity and Deciding what to do

Our Divorce Coaches can help with a pre-divorce assessment and Divorce Strategy to give you a good perspective of a client’s situation.

Many things trigger a divorce and a Naked Divorce Coach will help clients make sure that if their marriage is salvageable, that this work is done.

A Naked Divorce Coach will provide clients with the necessary materials and resources and prepare clients for the journey, evaluate their counseling needs and that of their children.

COMPLETING: Implement the changes

Coaching involves more than just a heart-to-heart conversation. A Naked Divorce Coach will assist in the following:

  • Supporting the journey using the Naked Divorce Separation Shift program to ensure a harmonious and conscious uncoupling occurs.
  • Collecting and compiling the necessary documents and ensure they’re accessible by advisors
  • Helping everyone understand the various types of divorce whether they be Negotiated divorce, Collaborative divorce, Mediation, Arbitration or Litigation
  • Helping clients build their personal support system and helping clear confusion and concerns to ensure sound decision making
  • Helping to set fair and reasonable goals and encouragement to cooperate with the divorce settlement
  • At Naked Divorce, our Mediation team help clients build the Financial and Parenting agreements using our templates ensuring a more expedient process rather than using lawyers
  • We also have a program to assist clients in telling the kids and managing their transition through the divorce journey

RESOLVING: Resolve your feelings and integrate the changes

Transitioning from being married to being divorced is life-altering and could cause major upheaval once finalized. A Naked Divorce Coach helps clients to set short- and long-term goals and provide a detailed game plan on how to reach them. Our Emotional Freedom program, retreats and coaching programs assist people to resolve their emotions and heal from the emotional impact of the Divorce as well as a program for navigating Dating and life post-healing using our Dare2Date program.

Our Divorce Coaches have gone through the same experiences, so they can share both the positive and negative aspects of the entire process. This will help you gain a better perspective of your new situation.

Sally Golding - Divorce Coach - Group CoachingHow do you find the right Divorce Coach for your needs?


As already mentioned, Divorce Coaches come from different professional backgrounds and you should use this knowledge to your advantage. For example, if you want a coach to look into your finances closely, you should hire a financial planner or manager. If you are looking into settling outside of court, someone with a background in mediation will help. Naked Divorce has a team ready to assist with the whole divorce journey.

Check training classes and certifications

Given the role that coaches have to play in your life, they should be equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you out. There are many types of divorce coach training available and these cover a range of areas, from dealing with emotions to life after divorce. Certifications, on the other hand, vary according to the specific training undertaken by the individual. Your coach can be certified in divorce transition and can help you rebuild your life after your marriage is declared null and void.

Consider your budget

How much or how little can you afford to burn on divorce coaching, taking into account other fees involved in the divorce process? It is important that you look into the cost of services provided and what you really need help with. If you don’t have a lot of money to go through, make sure to achieve a balance between the two: cost and the services you need.

Get referrals and recommendations

Do you know someone who came out victorious with the help of divorce coaching? Ask for advice on who to hire to help you go through the process without being torn apart piece by piece.

Naked Divorce CoachingHow to become a Naked Divorce Coach

Do you wish to provide coaching? To succeed in your trade, you must train to master it.

The skills and knowledge you gain will help so many clients. The certifications you earn will make you credible and different from other coaches in the market. They are also proof that you are equipped to help people in various stages of divorce and validate your competency.

Training curriculums vary from one provider to another and may take as short as 12-hours or as long as weeks or months, depending on how intensive the classes are.

Our Divorce Coaches are called Divorce Coaches and we have a specialized program for becoming certified in our technology and approach.

To succeed in your trade, you must train to master it. The skills and knowledge you gain will help so many clients. The certifications you earn will make you credible and different from other coaches in the market. They are also proof that you are equipped to help people in various stages of divorce and validate your competency. To find out more about becoming a Naked Divorce Coach, contact us below.

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