Free e-book: The First 8 Steps to healing from divorce

What you'll learn

How to ensure you don't fall into the trap of False Healing
How to handle crazy emotions and to master taming them
How to continue thriving in your career, even when your life has turned upside down
The right way to support your children through the biggest turmoil in their lives
How to guarantee you exit your marriage with grace and don't fall into the trap of becoming bitter or twisted
Learn all about exactly what you need to do to heal and move on
The biggest myth about divorce, and what you really need to do instead
Why friends and family mean well, but are not the right support during a divorce or breakup
What STEAT’s are, and why you need to avoid them
How to handle your ex like a pro and even how to deal with their angry outbursts
What to eat to manage your emotions, hormones and even sleeplessness. Learn all about the Trauma Diet
How to get over your divorce in just 21 days

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The Etiquette of Divorce

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Learn the top 10 Divorce Etiquette secrets to Get Over Your Divorce or Breakup fast

Want to get over your divorce, but don’t know where to start? Start here! Or perhaps you feel like you’ve tried everything, friends, family, counselling, online articles, etc. and nothing is working for you? If so, then this course is definitely for you – and may well change your life. It’s that powerful. This transformational video course is the first of its kind.  Based on the science of Perturbation®, it will guide you through the top 10 challenges of getting over a breakup or divorce. Learn the 10 secrets and Etiquettes of Divorce which will help you navigate your Divorce Recovery like a Pro. Delivered by Adèle Théron, the UK’s top relationship and Divorce Coach. Her programs have been featured on Sky NewsBBC NewsDaily MailThe Daily TelegraphRadio 4Marie Claire, and the list goes on. Priced so that anyone who wants to get over divorce, now can. What are waiting for? Your future starts as soon as you join the course…

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