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What is a *Clarity Call?

Book a Clarity Call todayIf you are serious about exploring whether this journey is right for you, then join us for a *Clarity Session. A Clarity Session is an invaluable process we have developed that will provide you with insights as to the issues to be resolved and uncover how to best leverage it moving forward in the context of the Naked Divorce. In a Clarity call, you will:

  1. Uncover the inhibitors which are keeping you stuck and unhappy. Work on a plan to save your marriage or move forward with your divorce. Either way, become empowered again
  2. Discover the 5 key frameworks that will help you identify, organise and plan your healing journey
  3. Address any concerns or challenges you may need to overcome
  4. Explore the Naked Divorce programs as possible vehicles to help you move on
  5. If interested, explore the enrollment criteria and payment options and see if one of the Naked Divorce programs will work for you
  6. If not interested, you still get a very valuable session which can help you plan your next steps!

*Please note, we can only support each person having one Clarity call, this is to support all the people who contact us for a conversation. The Naked Divorce team work within programs with clients as our commitment is to support people to solve problems and gain momentum in doing so. We find that one-off sessions don’t achieve the momentum required for breakthroughs to occur.

If more than 3 of these problems apply to you, then the Naked Divorce is perfect for you

I feel out of control of my life for the first time
I feel like the divorce healing journey is an unknown mystery
I am unsure about getting stuck in therapy for months with no end in sight
I’m tired of rehashing the past, really want to set some goals and focus powerfully on creating a new future
I battle to concentrate at work
I feel alone and unsupported
I feel unsure of how to focus with my unpredictable hectic emotions
I feel stuck and not sure how to move on
I am never going to find the one, and am possibly even destined to live a life alone
I am tired of being unhappy

You’re not alone

Find out how others just like you are recovering in just 21 days with a 97% success record

Practical Course Boosts Social Skills

Discover a practical course that enhances social skills for everyday interactions, parties, golfing, and more. Feel optimistic with entertaining instructor.

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Life-Changing: Heal, Grow, and Love Yourself

I found the life-changing Emotional Freedom Program. It helped me heal, grow, and love myself with expert coaching and counseling.

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Program That Freed Me From Emotional Baggage

The result was I could interact with ex-husband peacefully and focus on raising their son.

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Here are just a few of the results you will get from Naked Divorce

Improved sleeping patterns
Reduction in emotional highs and lows
A higher rate of productivity
Increased energy levels
Feel creative and alive
Stop jealous and obsessive thoughts
Clear direction and future
Happier and stress free
More emotionally stable than you have ever been
Peaceful interactions with your ex
Reconnect with yourself
Increased strength and resilience

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