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This serves as INFORMED CONSENT and is the document stating my personal agreement to my Coach or Support Angel which I will abide by. By agreeing to be coached by the team at Naked Divorce, I am agreeing to this document, as well as the document of Coaching Terms.

Because all decisions and actions result in outcomes, and because I am committed to achieving  all the results I purposefully designed within the Coaching Program, I agree to the following:

1. I understand and agree to the fact that the scope of practice in my engagement with Naked Divorce is COACHING. I understand that Naked Divorce provides coaching support and not psychiatric or psychotherapy support. If there are requirements you have that are beyond our scope of practice, then please seek support from a Qualified mental health professional. You agree and understand to KEEP YOURSELF SAFE. Please note the Warnings and DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN OUR COACHING PROGRAMS if you are concerned about these areas in any way. If you started a program with us and became concerned about your own mental health and safety, please contact our team immediately and we will issue a full refund so you may seek the support of a qualified mental health professional. By agreeing to participate in a Naked Divorce program, I am agreeing to be coachable

2. I agree that it is my responsibility to maintain a calendar of all scheduled coaching calls, both completed and upcoming.  I agree to be present and on time for ALL Coaching calls and on time, or early, for all email deadlines.

3. I agree to email daily or weekly homework to my Coach, promptly and on time, for the duration of the coaching program

4. I agree that honesty and integrity are critical to my success.  There is no failure, only feedback.

5. I agree to be CLEAR and CONCISE in all my communication with my Coach and avoid excuses or storytelling.  I accept RESULTS only

6. I agree that I am responsible for my own actions and results.  I will not complain, blame, justify or defend.

7. I agree to openly accept the accountability feedback I receive from my Coach, as it is integral to achieving my goals. If my Coach points something out, I take it on board knowing that she has my best interests at heart in alignment with my goals and commitments.

8. I agree to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to achieve my results and celebrate them.

9. I understand that the Coaching Process is simply a mirror for me and my life. I will let go of old behaviours, habits and hang ups and create new behaviours, habits and strategies that will get me the results I’ve committed to.

10. I understand that sometimes my coach will give me coaching that I will not like or want to abide with. I agree to be open to the coaching and try it on like a jacket, trusting that my coach has my best interests at heart.

11. I also agree to abide by all additional Coaching Terms and Conditions listed within this agreement

12. I agree that action together with accountability are life-long commitments. Your results can only grow to the extent that you do.

Warning Signs

  • Ensure you watch out for these warning signs:
  • It is completely normal and appropriate to feel extreme sadness and a complete loss of control as the result of a bad break up or divorce. It is normal to feel hopeless and helpless. It is normal to feel you want to withdraw from life to grieve and get over your lost relationship. It is also normal to feel numb and to wonder about dying, but only if this is a passing thought.
  • If you’re dwelling on morbid thoughts, you need to address them. Below are the warning signs to watch out for. Contact your doctor, family or the Naked Recovery team if you suspect you’re moving into dangerous territory.
    www.suicide.org advises a full list of warning signs that you can review. We have re-written this list as we believe the behaviours described should be red-flagged only if they are above and beyond what is reasonable for someone dealing with divorce.
  • Please review the warning signs below carefully and ensure that when you check in with your loved ones, that they are aware of you keeping these warning signs in mind.

Monitor Emotions

Feelings should be monitored if they continue longer than 7 weeks:

• Feeling hopeless and helpless.

• Experiencing dramatic mood changes.

• Exhibiting an extreme change in personality.

• Losing interest in most activities.

• Experiencing an extreme change in sleeping habits.

• Experiencing an extreme change in eating habits.

• Performing poorly at work.


If you experience these symptoms, please seek help from your doctor immediately

• Appearing depressed most of the time.

• Talking or writing about death or suicide OR planning your death.

• Withdrawing completely from family and friends for an extended period.

• Feeling trapped; feeling there is no way out of the situation.

• Abusing drugs or alcohol.

• Exhibiting a change in personality – above what is reasonable for your divorce.

• Giving away prized possessions.

• Feeling excessive guilt or shame.

• Acting recklessly. Emotional loss will already have impaired your concentration levels. As a result, impulsive behaviour could place you in danger.

Be responsible for your well-being during all of our programs and keep a vigilant watch over the above warning signs. If we have concerns for your well-being we reserve the right to contact your family or emergency contacts.

Health warning

Notice of important information and health warnings:

  • Some people experience some heightened levels of stress during our programs. Although stress is a part of life, for some people, this stress is abnormal if they have a history of mental illness or emotional problems. If you have a history of emotional problems or mental illness, you may find yourself more vulnerable during the program.
  • If at any stage, this heightened level of stress is a cause for concern, contact the team at Luminous and seek medical attention immediately.
  • If you have a history of mental illness or emotional problems either personally or within your family OR if you have concerns about your ability to complete the programs or handle the daily commitment of the programme or handle the stress of examining your relationship, whether temporary, occasional or intermittent, and whether treated or not, do not participate in the our programs.
  • If you are not sure about your ability to participate in the program then discuss your participation with a mental health professional or contact one of our trained staff in our team.


It is ultimately your choice but we have been advised that you do not participate in our programs if you:

(a) are uncertain about your ability (either mentally, emotionally or physically) to participate in our programs or are currently in therapy and your therapist has advised you to not participate in our programs;

(b) have a history of Borderline Personality Disorder or manic-depressive disorder which is also known as bi-polar disorder either personally or within your family, are taking, have taken or been prescribed to take within the previous 18 months any medication to treat bi-polar disorders; any drugs or medicines, whether prescription or non-prescription, intended to treat or affect mental processes or mood or to treat a chemical imbalance (such as Lithium, Gabapentin or Depakote); or anabolic steroids;

(c) have considered suicide, self-harm or harm to yourself or another or have a history of depression (acute or chronic), whether or not this has ever been treated or diagnosed; are taking, have taken or been prescribed to take within the previous 18 months anti-depressants (such as Celexa, Cipram, Prothiaden, Elavil, Prozac, Zoloft, or others);

(d) have a history of any psychotic disorder (an example would be Borderline Personality Disorder or schizophrenia), (either yourself or within your family) whether or not you or your family are being or have ever been treated or hospitalised; are taking, have taken or been prescribed to take within the previous 18 months antianxiety drugs (such as Klonapin, Xanax, Dormicum, Librium, Ativan, or others); anti-psychotics (such as Stelazine, Risperdal, Zyprexa, Dogmatil or others);

(e) have a history of drug abuse (including steroids and cannabis) which has not been treated or have used any drugs or steroids in the past 12 months

(f) do not fully disclose information vital to your emotional or mental well-being


We don’t recommend doing any of our programs without a Coach or Angel. Our programs are designed to be completed whilst having support such as with a Coach or Angel.

If you wish to have an impartial super-trained Luminous coach to be your personal Coach or Angel, feel you require any additional support, or just want to do the program with people like you (so much more fun) you can join the many support programs by checking www.nakedrecoveryonline.com, or our other associated websites that include; www.nakeddivorce.com, and www.nakedmarriageonline.com for more information.

If you don’t think you should participate, please contact us immediately to arrange your full refund.


If you think you need additional support, please upgrade your support package.

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