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How to become a divorce coach

Posted on November 9th, 2020
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Marriages are often our primary support system where we get our love, care, advice, and security from. However, not all marriages are built to last and almost half of all married couples are facing divorce.

Whether it’s down to financial problems, infidelity, abuse, addiction, or simple incompatibility, divorce is happening more frequently than ever before. While there are some successful divorce examples, where there is a conscious uncoupling done with respect, more often than not, they don’t always go well. Divorce isn’t simply signing a dotted line and starting again – it often has traumatic physical and mental health impacts that can leave you feeling depressed, anxious, and devoid of confidence.

Luckily for those considering divorce, they now have the option of hiring a divorce coach to become part of their divorce team. Divorce coaching is a growing profession and one of the most common divorce coaching questions is about the role of a divorce coach and how to become one.

What does a divorce coach do?

Before you decide you want to become a divorce coach, it’s important to know exactly what a divorce coach does. A divorce coach is a professional that has many roles in helping clients that are facing divorce and going through the divorce process.

A divorce coach will give clients the right tools and strategies to make decisions and achieve their short- and long-term goals, which extend beyond divorce. They are there to assist on a number of different levels, from personal well-being and parenting to financial advice, resolving conflicts and much more.

Keep in mind, that a divorce coach is not an alternative to a divorce attorney, divorce lawyer or a psychologist, but is rather an integral part of a divorce team that will help the client with moving forward healthy and with confidence during and after the divorce process.

Who should become a divorce coach?

Just like any job in the world, there are some people that are better suited for the role of becoming a divorce coach than others are. It’s an incredibly rewarding profession, as you help your clients get through traumatic times and come through stronger on the other side. But it is no way an easy job either. It takes a certain set of personal strength and values to become a divorce coach. If you are wondering whether you would suit divorce coaching as a career, then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you passionate about helping others to work towards becoming a more confident, ‘better’ versions of themselves?
  • Do you enjoy talking to people and helping them find problem-solving solutions?
  • Are you a good listener?
  • Are you good at conflict resolution?
  • Can you remain unbiased in situations that are highly emotional?
  • Would you be happy to let your client take the lead? Are you confident in guiding them to make the best decisions for their interests and future, as well as equipping them with the right solutions and tools to do so?

Qualifying as a divorce coach?

Divorce coaching is still not officially governed by a body and as such, there is no official qualification that you need to become one. However, certifications and qualifications are essential to create credibility around your practice and to set you apart from other divorce coaches.

Anyone can become a divorce coach, but lawyers, financial advisors, psychologists, life coaches and family mediators often move into the divorce coaching sphere. If you’re want to find a divorce coaching course, then it’s important that you look for the right one for your strengths to set you apart from your competition.

For example, you may be more financially minded and that would make you ideal for divorce financial coaching. If conflict resolution is something that you are great at then look into that aspect, or if helping children through divorce is your passion, then specialise in that and do your research on family law.

Find the right divorce coaching course

Finding the best divorce coaching course and certifications for your path is absolutely essential. Some courses range from just a few weeks, while others can take months or more.

At Naked Divorce, our divorce coaches are known as Divorce Coaches and we have a holistic, specialised course that certifies our Divorce Coaches in our particular technology, methodology, and processes.

At Naked Divorce, we are there from the beginning of the divorce right to the end and even beyond divorce and our Divorce Coaches are trained to be able to guide our clients throughout the whole divorce journey. The Naked Divorce training course equips our Angels with the knowledge to do a pre-divorce assessment and get all the information they need to make sure clients’ and their children’s counseling needs are met. They are also there to guide clients through the Separation Shift program to ensure that the uncoupling is as harmonious and civil as possible.

After the divorce, our Divorce Coaches are experienced and training in how to help clients flourish in their social and personal lives. Short- and long-term goals are set, and this is where clients will be guided on their journey to resolve their emotions and heal from the negative emotional impact the divorce might have had on them.

At Naked Divorce, we know that divorce coaches are an integral part of a healthy, successful divorce. If you are looking into hiring a divorce coach that can guide you through your divorce journey, then we’re here and ready to help you take the next important steps.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Divorce Coach with Naked Divorce, contact us below.

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