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You Cannot Solve a Problem with the Same Thinking that Got You There

Posted on September 5th, 2012

Ever been stuck in a situation or a problem but not know how to get out of it?

Life throws us lots of different hurdles and hiccups along the way. People disappoint us; we disappoint ourselves. But our biggest mistake is not that we made the mistake in the first place. Our past can determine who we are today. It can be what makes us grow into our true character and help us find and define our strength.

The biggest blunder

The biggest mistake I believe we can make is our failure to learn from those mistakes and our failure to let go of the past. Too many people get swallowed by their problems because they never learned how to move on, or perhaps they never wanted to.
It is easy to not want the problems and yet never want to deal with those problems, yet that becomes an endless vicious cycle unless you choose to step up and make a change.

The power of the mind

One of the most (if not the most) important factors in moving on and finding a new spark is your thoughts. Your view, your perspective and your mindset it is the key to bringing change. As Albert Einstein stated,

When it comes to divorce, a breakup situation, or any kind of trauma for that matter, “moving on” can be words that pierce your heart. It may seem unimaginable and something you don’t see as possible. Being “positive” is laughable because you can’t find even one reason to be positive.

When you feel like you don’t have an ounce of strength in you, that is exactly when your strength is being refined to new strengths; you are becoming stronger than before.
Adversities are placed in your path; not for you to be bitter, but stronger, and to teach you to move on in healthy ways. The truth is, there are always things to be positive about, whether big or small. Positivity can always be found, but to be found, there must first be someone out looking for it and wanting to find it.

Challenge your thinking

A shift in your mindset can bring about leaps and bounds of change. Sometimes you need to take a step back or even completely remove yourself from the situation you’re in, in order to see it in a different way.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our situation that we can’t see a way out; other times we can’t see it in any other way simply because we haven’t tried.

Other times we have just been in a certain place for so long that we’ve become stagnant, causing our optimism and creativity to lie dormant. This happens to so many people in different situations in life; yet it’s a dangerous place to stay in.
If you don’t challenge yourself to find a way out of your thinking, you will never see the amazing opportunities and adventures that are waiting on you to do so.

Change your thoughts, change your life

If a certain way of thinking has not been working for you, that’s a great indication to explore a new way of thinking. Create space for yourself, step back and allow yourself to see the bigger picture. Allow yourself to seek out positivity because if you do, you will most surely find it.
We see what we focus on. Shift the focus from the problem to what you can learn from it and the opportunity to grow that is now within your power. Here is a fantastic quote by Eckhart Tolle that sums it up perfectly.

“If you put your thoughts on what always has been, whatever has been will always show up in your life.”

Put your thoughts and focus on the good awaiting in your future, and begin the search for the positives. There is no longer any excuse for not finding them. Traumatic times will come. In those times we need to nurture our hearts and make room to heal, but when it’s time to move on, get up, dust yourself off and look for the positives.
There are plenty out there just waiting on you to turn around and acknowledge them.
They’ve been there all along.

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