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War of the Roses – the acrimonious divorce

Posted on June 30th, 2012

The War of the Roses was a civil war in England. The thirty years of warfare were even more destructive to England than the Hundred Years War had been in the previous century.
With the petty disputes that occur between partners during a divorce these days, it seems necessary to title this article such.

One in five divorce over mere possessions

Research by Manchester law firm Pannone revealed that one in five divorces feature rows over similarly inexpensive possessions.
When a couple divorce, there are bound to be complications or disagreements regarding the house, the car, children, and so on. That is expected. Yet arguments over kitchen supplies and even food seems highly unnecessary and just plain ridiculous.

A client of a divorce lawyer once asked for help to win custody of delicacies her ex-husband had taken from the kitchen.

“I’m gonna need that back”

According to James TozerMail Online, a client of a divorce lawyer asked for help to win custody of delicacies her ex-husband had taken from the kitchen of the marital home — a particular frying pan was a common bone of contention.

Once there was specific instruction by a client to her lawyer to write her former spouse that he return some smoked salmon and expensive mustard he had taken out of the freezer.

The lawyer explained that the legal fees in pursuing this would buy her a lot of smoked salmon, but she was adamant that they press ahead anyway.
It is nothing short of shocking to see what outrageous demands people make. It would be understandable if a small possession held personal value; yet most of these cases seem to involve couples fighting simply for the sake of fighting.

If in the process of divorce you are unable to agree upon the division of small and personal assets, the court will make the decision.

An appointed person is called in to value the assets, and the fee for hiring this person is usually quite substantial and in some cases is much greater than the value of the items.

Where does this even come from?

The war that goes on between a lot of couples these days stirs the question of where the argument originates. Is it the desperate need for specific items? Or is it to prove a point to their ex-spouse? The amount spent on legal costs arguing about these items can be many times more than the value of the possession itself.

The only person who is going to win in this situation is the lawyer who comes out with a large sum of money.

Either which way, the movie The War of the Roses really drives home what can happen when you focus on destroying another person in the quest to prove a point.
My tip for anyone going through this life change is to decide from the outset who you want to be during the process and stick to that. Don’t get entangled in any sling matches or stoop to levels beneath you.
Being a person who seeks revenge is something you will forever regret. Check out the trailer for a little summary of the film.

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