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The Ultimate Divorce Care Package for a Friend Going Through Divorce

Posted on August 19th, 2022
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Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult and stressful times in a person’s life, and knowing how you can support a friend in this situation can be hard, especially if you don’t live around the corner.

People that are going through a divorce are ultimately overwhelmed, stressed out, and emotionally drained most of the time. If you live far away from a friend, it can be difficult to offer the level of support that you’d like to. However, there are other ways that you can support your friend going through a divorce. Although it might not seem like it, getting the right gifts for friends going through a divorce is another way that you can support them and make their lives that much easier.

‘Open When’ Letters

‘Open When’ letters are a super simple concept, but they can be really effective and very meaningful. The idea is that you pen a couple of personal letters to a friend that is going through a divorce that should be opened at certain times.

For example, on the envelope you can write “Open when you’re feeling sad”, and inside you’ll have written a letter or bought a funny card that you know will lift your friend’s spirit and make them smile.

This is a wonderfully personal way to let your friend know that you are thinking of them even though you can’t be there to support them in person.

Meal Delivery Subscription

It’s important to remember that your friend is probably feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment, especially if there are kids involved. Meals might be something that you’d consider fairly simple on the achievement scale every day, but people going through a divorce might not have the time or energy to create nutritious meals for themself and their kids.

The last thing that you want for your friend is to be living off unhealthy takeaway meals. This will just make them feel worse in the long run; the feelings of guilt and general unwellness that accompany frequent takeaways will just add to their already overburdened emotional state.

This is the perfect time to give your friend the gift of a meal subscription service for a couple of weeks or months to ensure that they are getting healthy food. It’s quick, easy, fuss-free, and will give your friend and their family the nutrients that they need going forward. Not to mention that it removes the stress of having to cook every day.

Gift Cards for Self-Care

Most people on a divorce journey simply don’t have time for self-care. Most of their time is taken up ensuring that the kids are alright (if they have them), that their finances are in order, and learning how to live their life on their own.

Giving your friend a gift card for something like a facial, massage, or spa day is a wonderful way to remind them that they are important and that they deserve to be pampered. This will also help them to feel good about themselves and give them a much-needed boost of confidence.

Housecleaning Gift Card or Subscription

Much like making a meal, cleaning a home can feel overwhelming when you are going through a divorce. It’s easy to let the little house chores get away from you, and you promise that you’ll clean the kitchen tomorrow, and so on. Soon the house is messy, and it’s far too overwhelming to clean and hard to know where to start.

Getting a once-off gift card or a subscription service for a couple of weeks is an excellent way to take something off of your friend’s to-do list. People tend to feel much better when their house is clean, and by helping them achieve this, you’ll also benefit their mental health.

Entertaining Distractions

Going through a divorce is a lonely time, and it’s easy to get sucked into thinking about every scenario if there are no distractions. Buying your friend something like an eBook subscription, a Kindle, or even subscribing them to Amazon Prime or Netflix, if they haven’t got them, can go a long way.

On top of the subscription, you could also give them a list of feel-good books and movies that they should watch to improve their mood.

Child Care and Entertainment

Taking care of the kids while going through emotional turmoil can be a huge undertaking for a parent going through a divorce. It’s hard for them to juggle figuring out their new life, as well as ensuring the kids’ every need is met.

If you’re close enough to your friend, offer to take the kids for an afternoon to watch a movie or to the aquarium. This will give your friend much-needed alone time to either relax or sort out admin that they couldn’t get to while running after the kids. The added bonus is that it is fun and entertaining for the kids at a time when they are also going through a lot of difficulties.

If your friend needs to attend a mediation or court date, then you could offer to pick up and drop kids off at school, watch their sport, or do whatever else you can do to make their lives easier.

New Bedding

Now, this might seem like a strange gift idea for someone going through a divorce, but it’s actually a really good one. Think about it, how good does it feel getting into a clean bed with a new sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcases? It’s amazing.

This is particularly helpful if your friend is staying in the bed that they previously shared with their ex-spouse. The new bedding can signal a new stage in their life and one that feels really good too.

Gratitude Journal

It’s easy to lose yourself to negative emotions when you are going through something as emotionally-taxing as a divorce. In order to keep their head above water, it’s important for your friend to remember the good things that they have in their life too.

A gratitude journal is a simple gift that will help your friend get their feelings out onto the page and make them more aware of the wonderful things like family, friends, health, and so on that they have in their life. This goes a long way in assisting mental health and helping them get through the divorce journey.

The Right Support and Encouragement

Of course, the best thing that you can do for a friend going through a divorce is to offer your love, support, and encouragement. You can do this even if you aren’t in the same area. Phone your friend often, let them know you are there for them, and encourage them to seek professional help if they need it.

Offer a Divorce Retreat or Program

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