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Instant Gratification Part 2: What’s Best for Me?

Posted on August 13th, 2012

This article is a follow on from part 1. Read that here

What is instant gratification?

As human beings we tend to become fascinated by ourselves and our stories. We may allow ourselves to become too self-indulgent and it can be destructive.
As long as we recognise the vision of where we want and need to be and what it takes to get there, the time that you determine it will take is essentially up to you. But first, consider that instant gratification may be more helpful and suited to you then you realise.

Instant gratification does not mean instantly healed.

We all know emotional pain takes hard work to overcome and it will take some time. Instead, it means instant healing will start to take place. You begin to reap instant rewards when you put all your focus on healing with nothing else in your way.
Renowned UK psychotherapist Nea Clark from says

There is no need to indulge your feelings over a long period of time; time doesn’t heal them. It’s better to do a program like the Naked Divorce and focus intensively on healing within a defined period of time. It’s healthier for your mind and also for your body.”

Independent surveys conducted by the stress society of the United Kingdom have also shown that those who take a very proactive approach to healing lead happier lives.

Find what’s best for you

We all want to lead happy lives. Some will fight harder for it than others. Whether you want instant gratification or whether long term strategy sounds more inviting to you, the same principles apply in needing to confront your emotions and take action.

Different people have different tolerances and personalities.

Some will have more patience for therapy and “healing processes” than others will. Some people may have terrible patience in traffic, but waiting patiently for something that they know will be worthwhile comes naturally to them.
There are others who may be completely calm in traffic yet don’t want to use any time doing anything else other than urgently waiting for healing to happen. Whatever the case, we can all agree we want to detract from the pain. We all have a story to tell and whether we admit it or not, we all want to be heard and understood.

Conquer complacency

Complacency and sacrifice is a poisonous combination when applied to your well-being in the process of divorce.
We aren’t here to simply survive, but to thrive. Just scraping by in life is no way to live. Merely settling and passively accepting thorns in your flesh is not an intelligent approach to your situation or breakup. You deserve more and you owe it to yourself to stop being complacent and fight for gratification.
Now I’m not talking about revenge and fighting your ex. I’m referring to the fight to regain your dignity and integrity; the fight to become confident and regain strength through taking action and overcoming any heartbreaks life has thrown your way.

Time alone does not heal

Therapists, friends, colleagues and even family may tell you it will take a long time to heal. People are mere people, and when the phrase “Time heals all wounds” is constantly drilled into our skulls, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine other possibilities. When others have experienced a long term way of healing, they will perhaps try to prepare you for what they have experienced; but everyone is different.

I believe that if you put your mind to the task, and begin to move in the right direction with the right support, you can heal more rapidly than you ever expected.

All in all, find what’s best for you and start taking steps forward. Try the Naked Divorce programme, which has been specially designed to help you along the way.

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