How to stop getting hooked by your ex!! | The Naked Divorce

How to stop getting hooked by your ex!!

Learn all about

  • Establishing some ground rules… (it’s all ABOUT Buckets and Spoons :))
  • Allow them to vent – YES, actually LET them lose it whilst you file your nails (in your mind)
  • Channel a powerful person (time for Queen Latifah to come out)
  • Get a scripted answer to your issue – ASK A QUESTION 24/7
  • Master communication skills and learn boundaries in the Naked Divorce 21-day programme

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  1. Normally, I am very calm person, but when talking to him I get all mad and angry and like becoming some other person. That is not me, but with him I am totally different. Thank you for this tips. I hope I will be able to establish some ground rules when speaking to him.

  2. People often blame a breakup entirely on themselves, even it always takes two persons. When a relationship ends, it’s normal to hurt, everyone requires time to heal. Try to go out and mingle with others, and not to think that much of your ex. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

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