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Handling the Aftermath of Divorce – a 2 hour radio interview

Posted on January 22nd, 2012

On Thursday 19th January, myself, divorce solicitor Kate Smith and Child specialist Stacey Hart, who runs workshops for kids going through impact of divorce had a 2 hour radio interview on ON FM’s Dream Corner show (101.4 FM) with Viv Oyolu. To listen to the show and find out times, go to


The content is really useful. The kind of questions being answered included:

  • Why do most couples divorce?
  • Once it looks like divorce is imminent, what’s the 1st practical thing couples should do?
  • At what stage do/or should parents bring you in to help?
  • From the child’s perspective, what’s the most important thing for them?
  • Let’s talk about the process of getting over divorce, when does it start? How can someone start?
  • Is it harder if children are involved?
  • I know some people think it should take a long time, what would you say to that?
  • From the legal perspective, can a divorce be stress-free?
  • What are the key things that will help the process be less stressful?
  • Let’s look at when a 3rd party has been introduced into the equation – one partner has moved on, and is in another relationship, how can this be handled? Can this hinder the other party’s healing process? What would you say if a client you are working with tells you this in the middle of your sessions?
  • What should parents do to reassure their children no-one is coming to replace their mum or dad or taking their parent away?
  • Tell us from your experience what happens to the child/children. What are the long term effects of divorce and separation?
  • Is there a right time to introduce a new partner to the children?
  • One of the common things with couples going through divorce is the point-scoring – what does it look like? Why do couples do this? How can they prevent it, is it preventable?

More about the other 2 speakers:
Kate Smith
Kate Smith is a family specialist with Hart Brown solicitors and is based in their Wimbledon Village office. The family department, lead by Sharon Powell, is made up of a team of family experts, located across their offices in Wimbledon Village, Godalming, Guildford, Cobham, Cranleigh and Woking. The family team specialise in all aspects of family law and provide advice in a calm and understanding manner. Kate is currently running a reduced rate initial consultation at £150 + VAT at the Wimbledon Village office until 31.03.12, which includes the consultation itself and a full note of the attendance and all advice provided. To discuss matters further, please contact Kate on 020 8971 0477 or by email [email protected].
Stacey Hart
Stacey is a Counsellor and is co-founder of A Kidspace. A kidspace is a support programme for children going through divorce or separation. We believe that it is crucial for children to be able to access support and have the space to off-load some of their worries and concerns. We provide individual support and workshops, that aim to help children cope, manage changes and come to terms with their situation. Activities are play based which help to engage children and help to safely express their thoughts and feelings. A range of innovative activities take place in the workshops, including therapeutic games, art, puppets, role plays and stories. Find out more here –

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One thought on “Handling the Aftermath of Divorce – a 2 hour radio interview

  1. Great Radio Show!!! I really enjoy listening to your show because you provide solutions! I hope we will hear more about this subject in the future as well.

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