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Do amicable divorces need divorce lawyers?

Posted on July 24th, 2019

When you think of divorce lawyers, you probably think of really nasty divorces, with custody battles and bitter fights over assets. If your divorce is largely amicable and you’ve essentially already settled everything out of court, you may wonder if it’s even necessary to hire a divorce lawyer for your case.

No matter who you are or what your situation is, it’s actually probably a good idea to get a divorce lawyer when you decide to file. The right divorce attorney from a firm can be incredibly helpful for your case, even if you don’t think you’ll run into any problems from your spouse. Here are the top reasons why an amicable divorce may need a lawyer.

To Turn Agreements Into Legal Documents

Agreeing with your spouse on how you want the divorce to proceed is one thing. It’s entirely different when it comes to writing that out in legalese and making it binding. Once you’ve decided on how to split or settle something, you can bring that information to your divorce lawyer, who will then be able to help you turn it into a legally binding document for you both to sign and file. That assurance is important for the future, whether your spouse decides they want to turn it against you or you just need to access it again for your own reasons.

To Protect You if Something Does Go Wrong

Sure, your situation is amicable right now. But what happens if it turns sour? You don’t want to think about the possibility that your spouse may turn on you, especially not halfway through the divorce filing. But it’s even worse to consider the possibility of that exact situation happening when you don’t have any defense against it. A divorce lawyer has been through that type of scenario, which means that if anything does happen, they’ll be able to walk you through it.

Caption: Hiring a divorce lawyer can be a smart shrewd decision even for amicable divorces

To Help You Know What to File and When

Divorce is basically one long string of paperwork. There are seemingly endless amounts of paperwork to file during a divorce, and even messing up one or two of those papers can have big consequences. At the very least, misfiling paperwork can be a waste of time and money. Divorce lawyers have been doing this for years, which means they have the paperwork trail down by heart. When you go through a divorce lawyer, you’re at far lower risk of missing a piece of paperwork, forgetting to sign something, or misfiling important documents.

To Keep Track of Documentation Requirements

Filing for divorce definitely isn’t just as easy as filling out a piece of paper and bringing it to the court. In addition, the necessary documentation won’t just include your marriage certificate. The documentation required can be any number of different documents: your birth certificate, your children’s birth certificates, tax records, business records, leases, mortgages, and any other number of things. If you need a specific document, not only will your divorce lawyer know about that requirement, but they can also walk you through how to get the document for your records.

To Point Out Areas You May Have Missed

You can have all the greatest intentions, but you just don’t have a law degree or extensive research in divorce law. It’s common to miss areas in these situations, but while that’s usually pretty simple to fix, it can be much more of a pain when you’re filing for divorce. It can also be genuinely damaging — even if your spouse isn’t going to take advantage of a loophole in the divorce, you never know who else is going to go digging into those files and find something they can use to take advantage of you. Just play it safe and use a divorce lawyer to fill in all those gaps before they ever appear.

The Vital Role of a Divorce Lawyer

At this point, it’s safe to say that you understand why divorce lawyers are so important. A divorce lawyer will help you and your spouse get through divorce proceedings as easily as possible, even if the divorce does go through in a completely amicable way. No matter why you need a  divorce attorney, whether it’s for a nasty divorce or for moderating a civil one, you can find a great option in your surrounding area.

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