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How to deal with family and friends whilst experiencing your divorce

Posted on May 16th, 2012

Learn all about…

  • Normal feelings after the humiliation of divorce and what to expect from family and friends
  • Talking over and over again to family and friends and the dangers of doing that
  • The problems associated with intellectualisation
  • The benefits of getting support elsewhere

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3 thoughts on “How to deal with family and friends whilst experiencing your divorce

  1. Always had trouble with explaining my family and friends how am I feeling, they always did and do wrong things, trying to make me feel better. They don’ t even understand I am so humiliated and I feel ashamed. I know I am not supposed to fell this way but I do,.

  2. I dont think we should be even pay attention what other ppl think, this is our life and we have to deal with it, so live it the way you want to!!!

  3. @AnnMarie- Divorce is the very stressful situation,and it happens very often so there is nothing you should be shamed of.Head up!

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