How the hell do I get back into the dating game after divorce? | The Naked Divorce

How the hell do I get back into the dating game after divorce?

Find out some great tips here, including:

  • Getting yourself sorted out first – get your past complete!
  • Sort out our ex hexes from way back in the past (do you get insecure, angry or crazy in relationships), if so find the source of your divorce here
  • Ponder the qualities of the person you want to date in the future BUT without it becoming a checklist
  • Don’t date when you are feeling overly vulnerable
  • Learn about Victim/Rescuer patterns in
  • Sort out that naughty baggage from the past
  • Don’t get that pointed ‘divorce look’
  • Find out the secret of making yourself fulfilled as a human being
  • Get professional help and get to the root cause of issues so you can be
  • Dream Relationship challenge is coming soon…

There are lots of secrets within the Naked Divorce – find out how this work can help you today….

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  1. i am not even thinking that i am or would be able to date some other man, i just feel like they are all the same, and they will all hurt me, so still waiting to get over all this, but at this poinyt there is no hope for me L(

    1. We are not all the same, as women are not all the same… We have some similar traits but there are decent respectful men on planet earth..most of us are aliens tho

  2. Two years after divorce I met a wonderful man and we are still together. It was hard at the beginning and I rejected every opportunity to be close to someone, but after some time I learned how to trust again and I am glad I did. Otherwise, I would never be happy as I am today. Cheers.

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