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The big secret to getting over divorce fast

Posted on January 11th, 2018

Ever notice how when you focus on something with intention, intensity and full concentration it gets done quicker?

This is why classroom trainings over a few days are more effective than distance learning over six months.

When you take your time, sometimes you focus on the subject and sometimes you don’t, so ultimately getting the work done takes longer.
As my background is in divorce recovery, I have a great amount of experience in how to get through a divorce. Once I had healed from my own divorce, I was so excited because I knew that the process I had created was amazing and transformational. In order to develop all of the facets of the Naked Divorce, I had to go through a lot of trial and error. I used myself as a test subject and then I gathered a whole host of women to put my theories to work.
My ultimate goal was to come up with a small, focused package to help participants process divorce. You don’t try to figure out how to brush your teeth every day: you know how. There’s a clear set of directions: brush for two minutes twice a day, floss and you’re set. You’ve taken care of them and you don’t have to worry that they will rot and fall out. It’s the same with how to cope with divorce.

How does Healing happen?

Healing is not a linear process or something that simply ‘happens’ over time. Healing can happen in a flash whilst eating your Cornflakes in the morning or whilst walking the dog. Your thoughts suddenly become ordered and you realize something, the realizing of which suddenly frees you from the constraints of the past. Those flashes of healing are unpredictable and many of us have no idea how to access them so we hope for those moments to find us over time. Scientists call those unexpected flashes breakthroughs. Complete healing is a sum of those flashes or breakthroughs and those who have healed successfully from their divorce sought out those breakthroughs in their lives.
So how do we cut the healing journey short? How do you ensure that divorce recovery doesn’t become an arduous 3-year journey?
When we have to look for a new job, search for the right house, study to get through school, and even if we want to win the lottery, we have to buy the ticket. In life, we have to take the initiative to do something to cause something else to happen. Healing is no different. One thing I can tell you is if you want to cut the journey short, you need to add a component: Focused intensity.

How do we speed up the process of getting over divorce?

To heal faster and have some control over how long the journey will last, you need to throw yourself into a situation where healing is the outcome, where healing is inevitable, and where you focus completely on healing. When you throw yourself into your healing you create an environment where the unpredictable flashes are more likely to occur because you are asking the right questions, analyzing the situation in a different way, and taking actions to heal. By becoming intensively focused on your healing and taking daily actions, the breakthroughs which allow you to heal happen more predictably.
This is what we have created in the Naked Divorce. We created a focused intense journey lasting 21 days and after over 2000 people completed the program with great results, we synthesised the technology even further and cut the journey down to a miraculous 7-day program called the Haven Retreat.
It’s pretty incredible what is possible in just 7 days. Here is a video of a recent participant at the Haven Divorce retreat. It’s been voted by participants as the number 1 Divorce Retreat in Asia.
Notice that S suffered and was in great divorce pain. She had no idea how to process divorce and felt stuck and alone. She wanted to take focused action and found our Divorce Retreat.
Now, S could have stayed stuck for years but she chose to take focused pro-active action and she worked in an intense break up retreat environment designed and locked onto healing from her divorce. In just 7 days, she had turned her life around completely.

S’s experience of the Naked Divorce Haven Retreat

To change your life, you need to challenge yourself in the same way too. Don’t settle for a life of suffering: FIGHT to overcome limitations and barriers to happiness. Fight with focused intensity to get over divorce.

If you take healing steps daily, your healing will be faster than if you took those steps weekly or monthly. Miraculous healing happens with courageous action
Adèle Théron

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