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4 Tips on Feeling Your Best After Divorce

Posted on February 11th, 2020

The end of a marriage can be a tricky and emotionally draining period in anyone’s life but it should not be what defines you.

Although divorce can feel like an end, it can also symbolize new beginnings. So, it’s time to embrace your new reality and make this an uplifting experience! 

If you’re struggling to feel your best, or get back out there, here are some tips to get the ball of happiness rolling.

Don’t Stay in 24/7 

A recent divorce can lead to some pretty roller-coaster emotions, you’re sad but relieved, and although the last thing on your mind is prioritizing your social life, it is needed.

Divorce can be all-consuming and have a huge impact on your mental and physical health, so it’s crucial to spend time in the outside world. This is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and rejoin your social life. Ask your friends to go grab a drink or go out for a night of dancing to help build your confidence.

If you’re not into the nightlife then make a bucket list of things you’ve always wanted to try but were too scared to conquer on your own. Staying in sounds ideal but having to face old family photos of “better times” may drive you crazy.

You might feel as if you should jump right back in the dating scene, but there is no timeline to when you need to be ready to date again. Take things at your own pace, and have fun getting to know new people without having to put a label on it.

If you are interested in reentering the dating scene but are looking for something more casual, then consider speed dating to get your feet wet.

Not only is this a low-stress scenario, but it puts you in front of several people quickly who might be going through the same situation as you!

It’s time to care of yourself internally, and externally.
Yes this also applies to the men as well as the ladies reading this.

Revamp Yourself

With everything that is going on in your life, your appearance might be at the bottom of your list of priorities.

However, feeling good on the outside not only has a positive impact on your self-esteem but your overall happiness. As much as you want to stay in bed all day in your favorite sweats, give yourself permission to get up and get ready for the day!

If you’re struggling to reinvent yourself, try decluttering your wardrobe of clothes that hold any negative memories. If your wardrobe is set, but you’re still struggling to get up and moving, challenge yourself to make a workout routine to get you feeling like your old self!

This can also be the perfect chance to address any insecurities you might feel have been holding you back.

If for example you have thinning hair and it’s keeping you from feeling your very best, consider purchasing a hair loss treatment like minoxidil that promotes hair growth and will leave you feeling brand new.

If your skin has always been a sensitive subject for you, indulge in new face masks or skincare products to leave you feeling your best and bring that glow back. Don’t let insecurities keep you from feeling great and being the best you possible. 

Take Some You Time 

You’ve spent so many restless nights reflecting on the part you played in your marriage, but now it’s time to ask yourself, “Who am I outside of my marriage?” This can be a hard process to go through, so make sure you take the time to really get to know yourself as an individual.

An essential part of self-growth comes from learning to cherish yourself and your own company regardless of who is around.

Re-discovering your individuality will make this transition time a lot smoother and bearable, of course, you might be a completely different person from who you once were!

Take yourself on dates by rediscovering old hobbies or new ones you’ve always been interested in.

If your ex-spouse hated outdoor activities, then give them a chance or if you always wanted to go bungee jumping but your ex had a fear of heights then this is your opportunity to live your best life!

If you have always wanted to have a self-care day but never had the time, buy yourself an at-home spa kit and let yourself relax. Spending time with yourself isn’t an indicator that you will be alone forever or that you have to get used to the thought of being alone, however, it will help during this tough stage of life and perhaps even prepare you for your next relationship.

Take advantage of this newfound independence and recognize the importance of self-care. 

Sally Golding coaching during a divorce retreat in Thailand

Seek Help 

Regardless of how you feel, learning to let go of the past can be a lot more challenging than anticipated.

If you’re struggling to come to terms with your divorce then consider getting professional support, like a therapist or divorce counselling. If you don’t have the time to commit to one-to-one support consider online coaching services to help create a plan for your post-divorce life.

It’s important to recognize that seeking professional help does not mean there is something wrong with you. Seeking help can help you work through any toxic emotions or cope with this new phase of your life in a healthy and prepared way.

If you think you need to take some time away from your daily routine then go on a divorce retreat to help rebuild your confidence and transform into the best version of you.

During the vulnerable time, it’s important to surround yourself with supportive and empathetic people, and a divorce retreat can bring that sense of support that can lack with friends and family.

Divorce can feel like a lonely place but remember you are not alone. You will face many challenging moments that will send you in a spiral of self-doubt, but that’s why it’s vital to practice and prioritize your mental and physical health in order to be the absolute best version of you.

Learn to forgive yourself and the past mistakes and look forward to re-defining your future!

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