“Best investment in yourself!”

Jasmina shares her positive experiences with the 21 day Naked Divorce programme

I was not ready to accept the reality of the situation and did not allow myself to see my ex-partner for who he really is. I also harbored a lot of resentment and frustration towards him ( i still do sometimes). There were a lot of feelings of being hurt and humiliated by him and the marriage breakdown. There were also lots of negative feelings towards his affair partner (my former close friend) and the aftermath of his affair. We did couples counseling with a relationship counselor, which was helpful at the time as there was a lot of anger and negative emotions flying around right after the breakup. The counselor was very useful,but after several sessions, he didn’t want to go back and we ended the therapy. We also could not afford to keep going back to her, as we had to pay her privately and it was quickly adding up to a big financial cost. I also started to see a psychologist on my own, which was helpful as she provided an avenue for me to ‘vent out’ my frustration and to feel like I was being heard by someone who is not directly involved in my relationship (ie. a family member or a friend). However, practical advice was not as helpful and very generic in nature. It made me re-examine my relationship with Bedrich from different angles and finally admit to myself what I had intuitively felt inside of me,which is that we were not a good fit together. It also made me re-evaluate all the ‘red flags’ along the way in our relationship and work out what my contribution to our breakdown was. In the beginning, when I was first inquiring about the program and trying to book the retreat, there was a lot of email information lost and/or confused because I was corresponding with Simon and another one of your associates. So the emails that I was sending to (?Pippa) had the information that Simon was asking for, and vice versa. Also, I would get conflicting information sometimes. Therefore, if you can streamline the email communication somehow that would be fantastic. I choose this programme because therapy was not providing me with a hands-on approach and tangible outcomes, which work best for my personality. I also wanted to get over my separation with my ex and learn from that process as quickly and efficiently as possible, rather than being stuck in the negative self-pity space for too long. While the programme may seem daunting and perhaps expensive, I would encourage anyone that is going through a separation or divorce to take the plunge. It is a very worthwhile and unique investment in yourself! It will allow you to re-evaluate your past relationships, learn from it and plan for a more positive future, whatever that may look like for you. I plan to expand my spiritual learning and practice in the new year. I also have goals for advancing my career as well as improve my relationships with my friends, family, and other social connections. I will review my plan from day 20 of the list of things I would like to do and will plan to book some of these activities in 2020. Lastly, I will do my best to be grateful for every moment spent with my daughters (even the toddler tantrums), and let small unimportant things go when I am with them. They have become my greatest teachers and are unforgiving mirrors to my own actions and words. The Coaching support that I received was what it all such an amazing experience. Overall, I was Very Satisfied with my Naked Divorce experience! Definitely would recommend this service!

Jasmina shares her positive experiences with the 21 day Naked Divorce programme
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