“Very satisfied with the results!”

Phillip shares his emotional breakthrough using the Naked Divorce 21 day programme

When I first started the program, I was struggling with moving on from my divorce. It had been over 1 year since my ex wife left me for another man. The pure shock, pain, and embarrassment floored me and I had no idea how to handle my situation. I was completely lost, in so much constant pain, and didn’t know how to move on in the world. I had my usual mental therapist, tried out new prescriptions. I tried talking with friends and family as much as I could. I was trying to immerse myself in work and other unhealthy distractions. I was missing a clear purpose in my healing process. I had no idea what I was doing and why I was doing things. I needed strict guidance, homework, and someone to make sure I was staying on track. There is no chance in hell that I would have followed through on my own without a coach. After going through the program, I realize that I hit all of the classic STEATS. Dating and Sex, meeting new women for revenge or just to feel like I had be with as many women as possible since I was newly single. Drinking and partying to numb the pain, appear to others as I was OK and not hurting as much as I was. Trying new drugs and substance combinations to numb the pain and feel any sort of happiness. Using food as a distraction to numb my feelings. Being emotionally distant from those closest to me. Losing friends and family due to my flippant behavior and irritability. I realized that I had not fully grieved over my marriage. I did not go back and appreciate it for the positive effects it had on my life. I did not go back and relive why we got together in the first place, if it was the right decision or not, what warning signs I missed, how I could have made our relationship better, and also reconfirming that it takes two and my ex was also at fault for what she did. I also became much more healthy in my diet and exercise, taking supplements. I made my house a nurturing and calm environment. I got it cleaned up and mentally comforting. I was very satisfied with the results. I think that the cross between this program and medical practice (psychology and psychiatry) is very tricky. While I went completely off of medication, I started feeling better, but ultimately relapsed onto my sleeping medication after the pain of looking back on my divorce consumed me. I think that my situation was special, but just to know that in the future tons of precaution has to be taken when medication is involved, and attempting to pickup on when someone is dependent or depressed is crucial. Definitely would recommend this programme for people going through the same things as I have. I say this due to the amazing coaching support I received! I had already been through therapy and it was not helping, and I felt like it was not a targeted approach as I have been receiving therapy my whole life for general anxiety and depression. Divorce is extremely complicated, and the range of emotions you will feel and go through are enormous. If you haven’t fully acknowledged all of your feelings after a divorce, you must take a program like this so that you can get back in touch with your true self, not ignore your self, before you become completely out of touch with yourself. The program is honest, can be extremely tough, and will test you, but ultimately when you finish you will be a much more complete person, and it won’t solve all your problems, but you will be ready to go face the world with a new look on life, and with a newfound excitement and drive that you may have lost during your divorce. Goals are to continue taking care of myself. Getting myself in mental and physical shape, so that I can be my true self moving forward. I want to live as my true self, and not hide behind any guilt, shame, sadness. I want to be natural, and that means being in a bad mood when you are feeling awful, being happy when you are feeling great. Being a nice and giving person, but thinking of yourself first and foremost.

Phillip shares his emotional breakthrough using the Naked Divorce 21 day programme
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