Transformed by Divorce Angel

When I asked Sally if she could put me in touch to do this course, the universe answered my call for help. Sally just so happened to have a need for a test subject so she can become a Divorce Angel. I was so afraid in the beginning. Letting go, accepting and not knowing who I would be coming out the other side. Today I am sitting upright, my mind is quiet and my soul is healing. I literally felt like I was drowning in a pit of my own despair and now I’m up for air, its flowing through my body and my soul is ready to take on the world with more love for myself than I have ever had in my life. I almost didn’t believe it possible to be here today at this, but thanks to this course and the structure it offered I have worked through everything. SO thank you from my heart. In a way you saved it and its open to receive so much love now

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