“The quality of the program was great”

Happy divorced woman

Before doing the 21-day program I was stuck in the pain and despair of second marriage ending after 24 years in the same way that the first did…with my husband building a secret life with another woman. I was having endless conversations in my head with him and after a year of seeing a therapist in a weekly session, I was still feeling like I hadn’t made much progress. I was seeing a “regular” therapist weekly, but there was no structure to the meetings and at my age (59 years old) the prospect of waiting years to process everything was NOT appealing.When I start the Naked Divorce it moved me along and gave me someone I could bounce things off of in a way that was different from the therapist. I work better when I have directed activities and concrete input in a specified time and this fit the bill…although Adele had to step in and kick my butt to move me through the forgiveness exercise so I could complete the program before I turn 70 ;-> The quality of the program was great and I came further in the time spent on this program than in a year spent with “regular” therapy! This program changed the way I saw myself in the post-divorce process. It helped me to identify and process emotions in a constructive, directed way so that there was discernible internal and external progress.

Miss W, Medical Researcher
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