“The puzzle is now built!”

April shares how Naked Divorce helped her re-find her voice and take back some power

Before I started the 21 day programme I struggled from not really having a closure from my divorce… Still letting my ex have control over me, my emotions, etc. Shortchanging my current relationship because I still kept worrying about my ex and the effect he has over me. Leading a lifestyle that was “killing” me, pushing me to burnout and running 100 miles an hour. Not prioritizing me. I had some counselling, but it was sporadic and didn’t give me the sense of understanding or the support that I needed. It was unstructured, and was just about me talking…. I didn’t see any results, felt unresolved, and frustrated. Then I started my 21 day programme… It was a revelation and gave me the right perspectives. It was like watching the jigsaws put into place and made me understand more about myself, my relationship(s) and the cause-effect of what has driven me to where I am today. More importantly, I gained courage, confidence, and re-found my voice. It’s still a work in progress, but I now have seen how these changes have positively impacted my life, and I am keen to keep working on it for my own well-being and happiness. I’d heard good things about this programme from someone I actually know..and after going through so many therapy sessions which didn’t work, I wanted to give this a shot and see if it would make a difference. After completing Naked Divorce I felt very satisfied with the whole programme and I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone experiencing the same things… such quality! Sometimes you are actually so close to finding that clarity and peace in your life, but you just need to go through that one more leap of faith and go through the experience. I plan to continue to have that awareness, and take lessons learned and promises I’ve put down to my day to day life.

April shares how Naked Divorce helped her re-find her voice and take back some power
April, CEO, Singapore
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