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“The course did not disappoint!”

Jameson raves about the amazing coaching support offered by Naked Divorce

I was hit with a sucker punch about my marriage. All of a sudden my wife said she wanted a divorce. We did not have a lot of physical relationship in the marriage but overall the marriage was happy without much conflict. I did the traditional route and sought out marriage council even though the ex-wife would not attend. I felt like it could help me understand. During the divorce I went to divorce groups and divorce council. When I found the Naked Divorce online I knew it would help me. I was very depressed and the online course spoke to me. I knew it would help so I was hopeful that I could heal. Overall, I was very satisfied with the experience, especially with the coaching support I received! I can honestly say I do not think there could be any improvements on the course. As I mentioned before the course just spoke to me, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Naked Divorce to anyone I know going through the same scenario. When I found the course Adele’s method of explaining how to heal and not to use STAT’s in your life made sense to me. Her explanation of not only healing mentally but physically and spiritually excited my brain. I knew this was how to heal. The course did not disappoint. If you are serious about getting over your divorce then you must give this course a try. Not only will the methods heal you from one of the most depressing times in your life but what you learn from the course will make you a better human being. The tools you will learn will help other aspects of your life and how to deal grief or pain as it occurs through your journey on Earth. I have taken what I have learned from the course in my new and old relationships in my life. The tools I have learned has help my understand myself which makes me a better person.

Jameson raves about the amazing coaching support offered by Naked Divorce
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