My experience with the Naked Divorce was excellent, easily a 10 on a 1-10 scale

My experience with Naked Divorce was excellent. The introductory video call with Salli was exactly four weeks after I learned that my husband wanted a divorce.

I felt as though my life had entered The Twilight Zone. One night, I asked a simple question of my husband: “The way you are acting towards me is out of character for you…what is going on?”  The answer was shocking: he replied that he had been “…depressed, drinking too much (secretly after I went to bed), and using porn. This escalated into chat rooms, which led to live meetups for sex via apps like Pure.” Now, he had met someone with whom he had “a connection”, he was in love with her, and he thought we should divorce so that he could pursue that relationship.

Wait, WHAT!?!?

Salli met me in my darkest moment, encouraged me, explained that there was hope, and that I would be able to move through this and heal. Over the next few months, our weekly meetings provided the route to sanity, with coursework designed to help me not only grasp what had happened, but to deal with it both physically and emotionally. The help didn’t end there, as the program transitioned gently into discovering insights into what my core values are, and how these might propel me into a better future.

Sadly, my story is not mine alone. Many people must struggle through this traumatic experience of infidelity and divorce. It would be my pleasure to shout from the rooftops that there is hope and healing, and that no one needs to go through this alone.

Salli and the team at Naked Divorce have guided me through the darkness, and I give them my heartfelt recommendation.

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