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“It made an immediate impact!”

Amanda shares how Naked Divorce helped her cut out all the drama in her life in a few simple steps

I was feeling swamped by the ongoing mess of the break up…. a break up where new mess kept on getting created by my ex to keep the drama going. It had been years of it and seems more years to come. I was spending huge amounts of my time, energy and money just keeping up to a force that was not going to stop. I was moving on in some ways – but this anchor of ongoing creation of drama that I had very little control over kept going. I was struggling to move my business forward, my relationships forward and huge amounts of money and time were being put into the “process”. This had to change. I had not managed to find out how to deal with an ongoing effort to destroy my world…..I was not being clear or forceful enough as I was bound up in the day to day of dealing with the overwhelm of the overload. When I started the coaching it made an immediate impact. I started focusing on me and my life and my outcomes – rather than trying to find a solution that would work for my ex. It became clear that no solution I come up with – no matter how creative or win – win or wonderful it was would make him happy and make the problem go away. So I stopped working on that – and started working on what will work for me. This has had a profound effect on all areas of my life. Within the month I have come up with strong solutions for the kids and I , I have improved my relationships, I have grown my business and moved my career forward. I feel better about the set backs that are happening and I approach the continuing onslaught of demands and efforts of my ex to remain a drama in my life very differently. Before I was still trying to please him and I was still operating in patterns that were present in my marriage – where demands would be made of me and I would automatically try and accommodate them – even though they would never be enough. I could see this clearly now and can approach my responses without the feeling of frustration of him never being satisfied with a solution … because that is not what he is after….he is after the drama and my attention. This is a huge step forward. I can move forward realising this and the results in just this month of the course have been game changing for me, emotionally, financially, internally, and for my kids future. A month ago I could not even see what had me trapped in what looked like being a never ending prison of hassle and harassment on my life. Now – even though my ex is still running the same strategy – I am more separate from it emotionally and am dealing with it all so much more effectively and only as a side issue in my main game of getting on with my , now increasingly amazing, life. Thank you Naked Divorce for providing such a quality programme that has thoroughly satisfied all my needs! Thanks to you guys I am now focusing on the things that I have control over, and what a difference that makes in my daily life!

Amanda shares how Naked Divorce helped her cut out all the drama in her life in a few simple steps
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