“I will always be an advocate”

Hayley shares her experiences as to how Naked Divorce helped transform her life

Hi Adele,I hope you are doing well, and also that you remember me! Back in 2012 I did the 21 day course with you and I knew when it was done that it had changed who I was. As promised by you, before I did the course, I would start attracting people were much more positive into my life and that is exactly what happened.I decided after the course that I felt so enlightened that I wanted to enjoy being single for a while. Well, that lasted for around 6 months! I then met a beautiful person. I have never met anyone so grounded, honest, sensitive and loving as her, and I know it would never have happened if I hadn’t done the Naked Divorce. And so, on 12th June, we are going to be getting married! Then, just a couple of months after that, I will be emigrating with her to start a new life abroad.I wanted to thank you for such a life changing experience. It was well worth the discomfort of recognising my mistakes as well as coming to terms with some horrid memories, in order to start attracting decent people, and more importantly, to be able to recognise the people who were bad for me and see the ones who are able to bring something positive into my life. I have never known happiness like this, I don’t exaggerate, the last 20 years were pretty horrid, but I see now that it was all a succession of lessons which were leading me to this point. And now all that is behind me and I am, for the first time ever, feeling excited about my future and truly loving life. Thank you Adele, to you and the Naked Divorce!If you would like to come to our wedding party, it will be held at x (location blocked to protect anonymity). It starts at 8.30pm, 12th June and is in the private members club at the top of the building. Rather than being a wedding reception it is our Big Going Away Party, and so we have invited everyone we know for big knees up.If you can make I’d love to thank you in person, let me know and I will put your name (plus a guest) on the list.

Either way, I will always be an advocate of your work, its incredible.

Thanks again,

Hayley shares her experiences as to how Naked Divorce helped transform her life
Hayley, film producer with the BBC
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