“I loved every second of the program”

Sam explains how Naked Divorce is far more beneficial than any counselling session shes ever had

Before I started the program, I was suffering from lack of self confidence and self esteem, feeling worthless and confusion. I would have good and bad days. I was not sleeping well and couldn’t stop thinking or talking about what happened. I tried to speak to family and friends , called the samaritans once or twice just for someone different to talk to and had some counselling. It was difficult for friends and family as most people just don’t know what to say and just end up spitting out the same old platitudes as they are not sure what to do. The counselling was ok to a point it was nice speaking to someone impartial as they would pick up things that I didn’t, but ultimately it didn’t really give me any answers or tools to move forward with. The Naked Divorce was so different. I had a purpose each evening and I was being held accountable for the work I did. The more effort I put in the more I got out and when I found things difficult or tough Adele was there to gently (and not so gently) prod me and make me think. I loved every second of the program and would highly recommend it to anyone. I was worried that I might not complete the course on my own if it became a little difficult or time consuming and with the coaching I know I would be held accountable and that there was someone there supporting me – even if that meant them telling me not to wimp out and face up to facts! The program is well worth the hard work and effort and you will get so much more out of it than you put in. There are fun days and tough days but ultimately there are the best of you days that come at the end, when you have faced your demons and walked over them and get on with the fabulous new life that is waiting for you.

Sam explains how Naked Divorce is far more beneficial than any counselling session shes ever had
Sam, 46
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