“Blown away by the transformation”

I am currently working my way through the exercises in Adele Theron’s Naked Divorce book and I am simply blown away by the powerful transformation held within this process — and considering that I am a personal development badass and have done a LOT of work with other modalities on this already, you can imagine that I am quite selective/skeptical about what I let into my brain.

Last night I stayed up pretty much the whole night working on the “vow break.” It really felt like something truly shifted — I feel lighter.

I cannot recommend this highly enough — there is also an online support course with your own divorce guidance & support. Its power lies in a tiered step-by-step process which acknowledges all the stages you go through — especially the crazy numbness and shock at the start. I just wish I would have found this much MUCH earlier.

If you know anyone going through a divorce get them onto this work right NOW!!! For their sake, your sake, money’s sake, children’s sake, health sake and just to minimise both the time wasted, grudges held and devastation that divorce can so easily leave lingering in your life for decades.

And don’t EVEN THINK about getting into a new relationship before you’ve worked through the metamorphosis and learning questions — you will simply repeat the shame shitty patterns over and over again. Doesn’t matter if your split was 5 minutes or 5 years ago — time heals nothing — action counts.

Stephanie Burton

Stephanie Burton, Self Love Coach
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