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Leigh shares how Naked Divorce helped her cut out all her old bad relationship habits which has transpired into a healthy engagement

My experience of the 21-day programme and Adele has been brilliant. I found her to be very intuitive, caring and supportive,  highly experienced, and wonderfully direct.  Adele has a great sense of humour and could easily help me to lighten my intensity which was refreshing for me.  She cares about getting results for her clients and gets straight to work, taking no prisoners! Something that stays in mind is hearing Adele say that she will be fully satisfied when I am walking down the aisle, I was touched by her sincerity. I’m 40 years old and since I was 15, I had basically never been single for more than a few weeks.  I left a trail of car crash relationships behind me and after witnessing the last one, Adele intervened offering her help. I said “Hell yes please!”  I was aware that my relationship behaviour was the same with nearly every boyfriend, I was insecure, jealous, defensive and I rarely allowed anyone to get close to my heart. I would continuously break up and get back together with my partners, I drove them, myself and my poor friends nuts! I had an idea that my past experiences were causing this behaviour but I didn’t know what to do about it as I could never seem to break the pattern. The first thing Adele did was ban me from dating for a whole month.. WHAT?! This was to stop me from falling straight into an identical relationship destined for the same ending and actually take the time to heal my past to prepare for the future. My friends thought the date ban was hilarious, they had never known me without some kind of relationship drama going on and were ready to tell Adele if I should cheat.  I didn’t cheat. Then came the homework, which is very powerful, it helped me to identify my negative patterns and to be clear on what I truly want from a relationship. Adele provided me with excellent tools to deal with situations that arose and supported me completely throughout the process. I soon realised that I knew nothing about successful relationships as her advice was always so far from what I would have chosen to do. The homework was brought to life during our first coaching session, it was fascinating. Adele uncovered my subconscious negative beliefs about men which was causing me to attract the same kind of man or situation into my life, she then released the fear attached to that. I found the coaching quite difficult at times because I really had to face myself and that’s not always comfortable  but is essential for growth and change. Adele was amazing she held my hand when I needed but also challenged me, regularly, to get the results we both wanted. A year later and I AM ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED!!!! I actually took my time to get back into dating again for a change and enjoyed not being consumed by my relationship dramas. I was longing for a lasting relationship before and was probably trying to make situations work knowing full well that they never would. After the 21-day programme I was very happy to wait until I met someone special who has the qualities that are important for me to feel secure. I was far more discerning, took time with my decisions and not rushing into dating through fear of missing out which may sound silly, but it’s a big deal for me. My relationships with my family have improved dramatically as well, Adele helped me to release many negative thoughts and emotions from my past. I feel like I have been given a completley fresh start with the insight to make a big difference to my future. I would highly recommend working with Adele to anyone, she has been a huge inspiration to me and a great mentor. From my friends, family, future hubby and I, thank you so much Adele. X

Leigh shares how Naked Divorce helped her cut out all her old bad relationship habits which has transpired into a healthy engagement
Leigh, Fitness Trainer
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