Get on your best life in 21 days

I am so happy to have done the Naked Divorce Program. After being in a messy divorce process for 3 years, that I kept hoping would work out for the best but kept getting worse, I signed up for the program. My life was in so much drama and mess that seemed out of my control that i really did not believe that one could heal from divorce in 21 days, particularly while the court process is still rolling. I was wrong.

I did the online version of the program and really threw myself into it, following all instructions and pushing myself. This is not a program for people who would like to spend extended periods of time wallowing and living in the world of the pain of divorce for an extended period……which seems to be the standard to which society as a whole believes recovery takes. This is for people who want the full and clear process with all the tools to deal with all the aspects of the divorce process – past, the break up, the present and the future in 21 days and it works. It takes effort and a willingness to confront some difficult issues….but it will save years of pain or counselling to do the same.

I found the program well structured and effective. There was time for grief, mourning, anger releasing, reflection, assessment, introspection, critical analysis of myself , my former partner and our relationship, and planning for the future I want unhindered by my past divorce. I can’t recommend this program enough…..I am still 4 years on , in the process of the court of divorce and custody and such BUT it no longer has the pervasive impact on my life it did, I am dealing with it powerfully and the rest of my life has shot forward in amazing ways, my business, my health, my outlook, my relationships are so much better….which they weren’t not while I was bound up in the mess of the aftermath of the divorce and not having dealt with the issues I could not see stemming from my divorce. The naked divorce program made all the difference to this.

If you are the kind of person who wants the best for your life in the shortest possible time with real and deep healing from your divorce – consider this program and follow the process. I can’t imagine a more effective program could exist, it is that good.

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