“Empowered to be an individual”

Joyce explains how Naked Divorce truly helps to regain your independence and opens your mind back up to self-love

I was doing a lot of second guessing as to the decision to separate. I had a great sense of frustration because I saw how the relationship could be but could not get it there. I had been going to counselling and to a christian church related support group called “Divorce Care”. The coaching had SO much impact… it helped me understand the root causes of my relationship breakdown. It gave me understanding of what is needed to make relationships work. I saw my codependency. I saw the patterns in my relationships and my way of relating. I saw my rescuing patterns, which created victims. I was able to step back and decide on my course of action for my life. I felt empowered to be an individual. I felt thouroughly satisfied! I really can’t think of any improvements that need to be made, it’s flawless as it is! I just really appreciated the in-depth personal work I did to have a clear understanding of my life in the past and moving forward. I completed a Landmark weekend last February 2018 and this program took all that I had learned and made it so practical. I wish I had some of this information earlier on in my relationships – the 5 R’s, and the Karpman triangle opened my eyes to how my actions were detrimental in a relationship. You could almost do a Relationship Rescue program for people to complete. Along the same lines with the homework i.e. writing down the relationship story, identifying the breakdowns in the relationship, etc. and then moving into goal setting for personal improvement. I’d definitely recommend this programme! The Quality is what did it for me, top notch. I am very analytical and linear in my thought processes and this programme provided a ‘path’ to follow. I find counselling can be so vague and not really get at the core issues. If there is one thing I would recommend for individuals involved in a divorce, do this programme. It helps you work through all the things that linger in the back of your mind that you know you need to address. I am determining what path I want to take in regards to my vacation. February – reading Codependent No More, March – completing a Boundaries Study. Thanks again Naked Divorce, what a blessing!

Joyce explains how Naked Divorce truly helps to regain your independence and opens your mind back up to self-love
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