“There are no words, except thank you”

My wife left me and I was devastated. I knew she needed space and stuff but I didn’t know how to give it to her. I just loved her so much and wanted things to work out. I was not in a great place for many weeks and then I kind of threw myself into my work, working till early in the morning and I thought I was ok but later realised I became numb. This went on for several months. Suddenly I got this phonecall. She had just completed the Naked Divorce and she realised she made a mistake and wanted to come back. She suggested that we do couples coaching with Adele to work on the source of our split. We did that and it was amazing. I learnt so much about Jen and she about me. I know now how to treat our relationship as sacred. Fast forward a year and Jen is pregnant! Here is a pic of baby Shanifer… There are no words, except thank you…

Update from Jen:
Things are going well over here. The baby is now 20wks old which means we have made it to the halfway point. We had our anomaly scan last week and the baby is big and healthy. We are having a little girl which I am ecstatic about! I see ponies in her future!!! We are taking riding lessons so we can help run our future horse farm. In the last week I have also started to feel the baby’s movements which is pretty cool. They feel like little gas bubbles for now but I am sure as she grows they will feel like a bit more and Shane will be able to feel them too. Thank you Adele!

Shane and Jen
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