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Resolving and processing your feelings associated to your divorce

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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Maya Angelou
Naked Divorce

What you might be going through in the early stages following a divorce

With a divorce, almost everyone will feel jumpy, and it is normal to have intrusive memories of the break up event or things the other person said. Approximately two out of three of people will find that these symptoms fade over time. Other people may find that negative symptoms emerge sometime after the divorce occurred and almost seem to come “out of the blue”. This can seem very confusing, and they may ask themselves “why now?”. The truth is that divorce can trigger Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in some people and if not treated, can lead to long-term issues…

Problems sleeping
Problems concentrating or remembering things
Feeling hypervigilant
Upsetting memories come into your mind when you don’t want them to
Intense memories where it feels as though the trauma is happening to you again
Feeling physically and emotionally upset
Feeling disconnected or numb
Feelings of guilt/ shame or panic

Where are you at?


Decide on and initiate the changes


Implement the changes


Resolve your feelings and integrate the changes

Naked Divorce has a solution for all stages of the divorce journey


ResolveHow do I process my emotions and get over my divorce?

Many people struggle massively to recover emotionally from divorce. It’s a tough trauma to recover from as it’s what we call a shame-based trauma. Not only are you dealing with the shock of the change, you are also dealing with the judgement you either impose on yourself or is imposed upon you by your community, friends, family or church that failing in your relationship is somehow something to be ashamed of.

At Naked Divorce we have specialized in divorce solutions which are totally tailored to the recovery of this specific trauma because we understand everything about this trauma after studying it for years. The Naked Divorce Emotional Freedom program is a tried and test program to assist you in processing and resolving your feelings post divorce. It has a 97% success rate and over 6132 people have completed it in over 30 countries.

We also have the Naked Divorce Junior Thrive program to support juniors and teens and following the healing from divorce, we have the Smart Dating program to ensure you don’t attract the same kind of person as before back into your life. Next time around, you will date SMART.

Emotional Freedom Program

The award-winning Naked Divorce Emotional Freedom program can be done across 3 months, 21 days or a 7-day retreat on location using the unique 3-step approach to ensure emotional healing is deep and very effective. If you want to find out more about it, click on the link below or book a Clarity call to discuss it further with someone on the team.

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Junior Thrive Program

The Naked Divorce Junior Thrive program is an 8-week course for juniors and teens to get total support with the divorce of their parents, using the same unique 3-step approach from the Naked Divorce Emotional Freedom program to ensure emotional healing is deep and very effective. It is run by a Clinical Child Psychologist specially trained to support child and teen-related trauma within divorce situations. If you want to find out more about it, click on the link below or book a Clarity call to discuss it further with someone on the team.

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Smart Dating Program

The Naked Divorce Smart Dating program is a 3-month coaching course to date SMART following a divorce. It’s usually done after the completion of the Naked Divorce Emotional Freedom program and has specific processes to ensure that you date smart and don’t just attract the same kind of person into your life all over again. If you want to find out more about it, click on the link below or book a Clarity call to discuss it further with someone on the team.

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Naked Divorce provides real-time rapid solutions to the life crises which develop out of divorce. Our Solutions include real-time online programs, rapid transformation retreats and real-time online coaching programs across the whole divorce journey. Our mission is to revolutionise the time-to-heal from emotional traumas to empower everyone to move forward faster. We achieve this by providing effective transformational programs with around-the-clock therapeutic support on tap. We are known for leaving our customers released from their suffering so they are free to begin living their new lives.

“If You Don't Heal What Hurt You, You'll Bleed on People Who Didn't Cut You.”


Solve big divorce problems effortlessly

Naked Divorce Services


At Naked Divorce we have specialists on hand to support you through the whole divorce journey with the aim to make the journey as drama-free and structured as possible. We help our clients bring order to the chaos and to solve big problems effortlessly. Our services are across the whole divorce journey.

Divorce can be transformational. Even empowering...

Hear how hundreds of people have completely recovered using Naked Divorce…

“Adele was amazing, really inspirational!”

Adele helped me identify my bad habits and helped me transform into someone I can truly be proud of!

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Lesley shares her experience of completing the 21-day Naked Divorce Program

“Adele is so great to work with!”

After working with Adele on the Naked Divorce I feel so much happier and I’m now just so much more my own women!

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Jo shares her experience of the Naked Divorce 21 day programme

“It changed my entire perspective”

When I started to focus more on myself, and what I could do better that’s when I saw the results. Massive eye opener!

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Laura shares her experience of completing the 21 day Naked Divorce Program


Naked Divorce is Results Driven

All our programs are results-driven​

We are obsessed with performance. To make sure we continue to be the best in the industry, we measure everything









"The Internet's #1 Divorce Recovery Company"

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Naked Divorce Recovery Data​

Collated user feedback taken prior to Naked Divorce and after the completion of Naked Divorce

Data: Data above is based on self assessment from customers completing the Naked Divorce Clarity and Haven Retreats as well as all the online programs. This program (or variations) started in 2012 and data has been recorded from mid 2017.

Data: Data is updated every quarter. Last Update: 03 Jan 2020.

We serve customers from all across the world. We can serve you too.

Naked Divorce Global Team

Naked Divorce Established


Adele Theron

The UKs number 1 Divorce Coach

Adele Theron Naked Divorce Divorce Coach Get Over Divorce Program
Adele Theron Naked Divorce Divorce Coach Get Over Divorce Program

The Founder of Naked Divorce Adèle Théron speaking on stage at the Mermaid Theatre, London

World class Divorce Angels​

I'm Sally, a Divorce Angel and relationship coach with Naked Divorce

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I'm Adele, the Founder and proud to be the head coach of Naked Divorce

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I'm Valerie, a Divorce Angel and relationship coach with Naked Divorce

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Widely Acclaimed

All Naked Divorce coaching programs are powerful in enabling you to reach clarity on your next steps and support you to initiate, implement and integrate the change into your life, ensuring that you transition your partnership to co-parent effectively. We deliver amazing breakthrough results for 97% of our participants. All programs are, not just from our customers, but also from the press, leading psychologists, psychiatrists and practitioners worldwide. This program has been featured on Sky News, BBC Breakfast, Marie Claire, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and many many many others…

Divorce Program - Trust Pilot

Emotional Freedom Divorce Program - Testimonial KS
Emotional Freedom Divorce Program - Testimonial STam

"Me and my ex are true partners in crime now. I thank this program for creating the structure for us to consciously uncouple"


"The support I received in planning my divorce powerfully was invaluable. I don’t think I would have the relationship with my ex today, if it wasn’t for Adele”


"Naked Divorce saved me years of misery! I am dating again and feel positive and excited about life."


"Naked Divorce is a godsend and I am very grateful for their support during my divorce."


“Sally really helped me navigate the emotional healing journey. Not sure I could have done it without her”


"Adele was a genius at helping us negotiate our divorce effectively and in loving partnership with each other."


Healing Journey

Healing Journey

There are seven emotional steps to a full recovery following divorce. All Naked Divorce programs will move you through these phases. 


"Our goal is to empower 100,000 people to heal from divorce and see it as a crossroads in their life vs. the crisis it is for so many people globally" - Naked Divorce Team

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