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My passion is around healing...

I completed the 21-day program to process the feelings from my own marriage and was amazed at how much more quickly I healed by with this daily goal-oriented framework. As a licensed psychologist, I was blown away with the structure and containment of the journey. I loved the approach and wanted to get trained up in it right away. I think the Naked Divorce is a ground-breaking, strengths-based approach to using the ending of relationships as a growth opportunity rather than a failure.  As a Couples, and Family Therapist, and Facilitator of Co-Parenting Programs, I see this program as an important aspect of supporting people at all levels of relationship. The Naked Divorce approach is aligned with my overall approach to helping people by building on personal strengths and learning from experience, while developing new skills for emotional regulation and expression, communication, assertiveness, and problem solving and helping people move from coping and managing to thriving and vibrant living.

My Divorce Coach supported me and kept me on track so I accomplish more in one month than I could in one year of therapy. My passion is around healing for all people in high-conflict divorce as well as the children affected by it.

My clinical experiences gives me a foundation to appreciate how each client is a gift and belief that their trauma will help them grow and be better for their next relationship. I love this program and run Junior Thrive, Haven and Miracle Emotional Freedom courses for Naked Divorce in the United States.

"Loving is my Life Purpose and how this manifests is by being a Change Agent for Conscious Relationships..."

Valerie Sher
As Bob Marley sings, Love is My Religion. I’ve long felt that learning to love well – giving and receiving love and making the world a kinder place is the most important thing and has become my life purpose. I believe relationships are at the root of our well-being. We are relational creatures and breakups and divorces are difficult when we are bonded and attached to another being, even when it’s not working. I care deeply about healing both the personal and collective wounds around ending relationships which often includes kicking them to the curb, shutting them out or ghosting, alienating ex-partners from their children, and getting stuck in shame and blame cycles for years, and poisoning the hearts of children with unresolved hurt and anger. The costs financially, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually is huge. My relationships, my work, my way of being in the world all come from this intention to being a Love Agent. And my work as a Psychologist helps people to love themselves and be in healthy relationships with others as a psychospiritual journey of wholeness.
So after learning about this program, I knew I had to do it and share it with others. Breakups have never been easy for me and this program provided a strengths-based framework for moving through loss and grief to being ready for the next chapter.
Having a supportive container with my Naked Divorce Coach was an important part of the program for me. She truly was an Angel and I felt gently held, seen, and guided through this amazing process.
This program is groundbreaking in its foundation for Conscious Uncoupling and healing those wounds one person at a time. My experiences in seeing children hurt by parents not handling divorce well both personally and professionally led me to be certified in Co-Parenting for High Conflict Couples. The Naked Divorce Emotional Freedom Program, The Haven and the Junior Thrive programs provide important pieces for adults, children, and teens to build emotional intelligence, resiliency, and character, and use difficult life experiences for positive growth.
Divorce Coach - My Mission

"When ruptures happen, it can be devastating but also a time of growth, character building and developing resiliency. Having support to remember, enhance, and learn new coping skills and process our experiences more consciously and ethically can help turn a difficult life experience into an amazing growth opportunity. My motto is learn and grow, not shame and blame. "

Dr Valerie Sher

Licensed Psychologist with a private practice in Redwood City, California
Clinical Supervisor
Educator at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, JFK University
Psychologist for at-risk adolescents
Counseling at San Mateo County Youth Services Center
Leadership Advocacy Network representative at the San Mateo County Psychological Association Board

I like to enjoy life: drinking lovely wine, skiing, hiking and having fun with friends.

Working with Valerie...

I feel completely recovered!

Julie shares her journey of recovery doing the Naked Divorce Clarity programme after years and years of feeling ‘stuck’

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A lifechanging experience with Valerie

Emily shares her experience of doing the Naked Divorce Haven retreat with Valerie on location in California, USA

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Healing Journey

Divorce is what we call a shamed-based trauma. It’s therefore unlike other life traumas… “When someone dies, there is usually so much support and love around and people are much more compassionate and understanding. Divorce represents a failure within our society, so people approach this trauma with trepidation. They want to white-wash the events quickly so that the shame of the failure doesn’t impact them in any way. The sense of failure makes the shame component of healing from divorce acute. It’s therefore very important to heal in a very specific way, using a very specific coaching approach like The Naked Divorce.”

– Adèle Théron

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