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Hi, my name is Salli Andrews and I am the Divorce and Trauma Coach representing the UK, Portugal and Spain.

I first met Adele, founder of the Naked Divorce programme, over 10 years ago in London. Our paths crossed many times as we studied NLP and other personal development methodologies and were both working as coaches in the city. I remember being very impressed by the Naked Divorce programme and the way Adele had structured it into daily exercises and routines. At various points we had shared clients and the feedback coming through from this programme was always exemplary. Adele had created the gold standard of coaching processes!

Fast forward many, many years, a husband, a child and worldwide travel later and I found myself completely and utterly STUCK! On paper my life looked perfect – I had married a good and solid man, had the child I’d always dreamed of having and we were spending our time divided between the UK and a beautiful country home in Portugal. BUT… I was miserable on the inside. My marriage was stressful, I was constantly anxious, I felt controlled and powerless and was totally confused about my feelings and what direction to take. Fortunately, as a seasoned coach, I knew exactly what to do! Get a coach!! And so in January 2021 I moved out of the family home and immediately commenced coaching with Adele.

It was apparent from the first session that Aaron and I had fallen into a common pattern of co-dependency and that I had slowly and steadily given away all of my power, attempting to change myself to fit in with his ways of doing things and in the process had completely lost myself. I was lacking in confidence, self esteem and personal power, having become a true victim of my circumstances. Initially I worked with Adele to pick myself back up and gain clarity and confidence. Then once I was clear that the marriage was definitely over I began the Naked Divorce programme.

The programme was intense, challenging and without doubt one of the most empowering experiences of my life. I took it on like my life depended on it, treated it as my full time job and really went there. I was, and still am, blown away by how quickly and effectively everything fell into place. Confusions became new enquiries as Adele and I worked, as forensic scientists would, unpicking and unpacking the patterns that had been at play. I soon came to realise how much I had contributed to the breakdown of the relationship through not maintaining healthy and assertive boundaries. I discovered a tendency in myself to place the needs of others above my own, and importantly I was able, in real time, to practice and develop healthier boundaries and improve communication between my Ex and myself.

By the end of the 21 days I was quite literally a new woman, well specifically, I was more of the woman I had always been but had hidden away. My friends and family commented on how much younger and brighter I looked, colleagues in other countries told me that I sounded different on the telephone and I came to experience myself once more as being fully control of my life and my destiny.

The relationship I now have with the Father of my child is extraordinary! We have sold our country home, amicably. We went for lunch to finalise the divorce agreements – and to any outsider probably looked like we were long lost friends catching up, sharing a wine and laughing and chatting. We handle issues associated with our daughter and her wellbeing – as a team! It is without doubt, the best relationship we have had yet, and I attribute that to the deep work I was able to do throughout this programme.

And so, it is an absolute delight to have joined Adele’s team of Angels and to support others through this powerfully healing journey towards freedom and empowerment.

If you are stuck, or simply in need of a helping hand to guide you through the quagmire of divorce then please get in touch. I look forward to meeting you and sharing such a wonderful gift!

Divorce Coach - My Mission

My mission is to help men and women to navigate divorce in a compassionate and loving way. I love leading the program and retreats in Portugal, Spain and across the European zone"

Salli Andrews

I love hanging out with my daughter Alice and spending time with beautiful friends where I live in Portugal

Salli Andrews

Salli Andrews's Credentials

Master Practitioner and Coach of NLP and Timeline Therapy
Spiral Dynamics and DISC profiling practitioner
Relationship and Dating Coach

Healing Journey

Divorce is what we call a shamed-based trauma. It’s therefore unlike other life traumas… “When someone dies, there is usually so much support and love around and people are much more compassionate and understanding. Divorce represents a failure within our society, so people approach this trauma with trepidation. They want to white-wash the events quickly so that the shame of the failure doesn’t impact them in any way. The sense of failure makes the shame component of healing from divorce acute. It’s therefore very important to heal in a very specific way, using a very specific coaching approach like The Naked Divorce.”

– Adèle Théron


Healing and Strength Renewed

Through Naked Divorce program, I found my divorce angel Salli who guided me through trauma & codependency. Now medication-free & grateful.

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My experience with the Naked Divorce was excellent, easily a 10 on a 1-10 scale

During my divorce, I knew I was out of my league emotionally, and I was suffering. I needed professional help, with someone who could show me the way forward. Thanks to Salli and the Naked Divorce, I have moved into healing, redefined my own set of values, and taken definitive steps into a future that is exciting and bold.

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Transformed by Divorce Angel

I went from drowning in despair to feeling my soul heal and being ready to take on the world with more love for myself.

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Life-Changing: Heal, Grow, and Love Yourself

I found the life-changing Emotional Freedom Program. It helped me heal, grow, and love myself with expert coaching and counseling.

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Practical Course Boosts Social Skills

Discover a practical course that enhances social skills for everyday interactions, parties, golfing, and more. Feel optimistic with entertaining instructor.

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"My Ex had left me 4 times in the last 8 years. Each time resulting in the same cycle and him coming back, then sorry I don’t love you and leaving again. This has been my life and the cycle I have accepted over 8 years of my life. The final ending this year in October lead me to drugs, alcohol and constant sadness. I have known Salli for 4 years as a friend within my community. We met in April this year, and Salli shared with me her own, powerful experience with the Naked Divorce programme. A few weeks later ‘I cannot do this alone’ kept repeating in my head. I contacted Salli and that moment is a defining one for my life. Undertaking a major course of life changing moments, with someone I knew who might judge me or have previous conceptions about me….WAS SCARY!!! We both set off, me nervous, Salli not at all nervous, just ready and raring to get me started. All the way along Salli kept reminding me everything was Ok, I was normal and I’m allowed to feel this way. I felt so lost and frightened at who I would become if I finally let go, but Salli was constant, gentle, supportive, and encouraging. I knew she was reading the deepest parts of my life and I was completely 100% afraid of what this course would do but Salli’s reassurance every step of the way was like the ground beneath my feet. One to Ones with Salli each week were the crux of my support, her determination to see me through this course with sound advice, providing both gentle support and a ‘butt kicking’ when needed was unfaltering. Her smile and reassuring confident voice has been a staple part of my diet for 2 months. At one point early on in the course I broke the rules. I broke the drinking rule. I spent an afternoon crying again. I decided to confess and send a message to Salli and her response was absolutely spot on, with a huge hug down the phone and a “don’t panic, its all ok” but “I'm super pleased you got your butt kicked and we will talk about this monday!” I felt like a school girl but when we met she turned the whole situation around to show me it was a good thing, to recognise my mistakes and triggers and learn and move forward and up. All the way along I have felt like I was going up and this is down to the confident , constant encouragement from this Angel. She has inspired me to continue going up. Even as I write this I’m having a down day but reminding myself of the support this Angel has offered me has just pulled me back up in my chair with a pat yourself on the back Suz, Salli’s words ringing in my head. Thank you Salli with all my heart and Soul, I am becoming who I was always meant to be, free from fear, anger and a victim mentality. Stepping into and owning my personal power. "


My experience with Naked Divorce was excellent. The introductory video call with Salli was exactly four weeks after I learned that my husband wanted a divorce.  I felt as though my life had entered The Twilight Zone. One night, I asked a simple question of my husband: "The way you are acting towards me is out of character for you...what is going on?"  The answer was shocking: he replied that he had been "...depressed, drinking too much (secretly after I went to bed), and using porn. This escalated into chat rooms, which led to live meetups for sex via apps like Pure." Now, he had met someone with whom he had "a connection", he was in love with her, and he thought we should divorce so that he could pursue that relationship. Wait, WHAT!?!? Salli met me in my darkest moment, encouraged me, explained that there was hope, and that I would be able to move through this and heal. Over the next few months, our weekly meetings provided the route to sanity, with coursework designed to help me not only grasp what had happened, but to deal with it both physically and emotionally. The help didn't end there, as the program transitioned gently into discovering insights into what my core values are, and how these might propel me into a better future. Sadly, my story is not mine alone. Many people must struggle through this traumatic experience of infidelity and divorce. It would be my pleasure to shout from the rooftops that there is hope and healing, and that no one needs to go through this alone.  Salli and the team at Naked Divorce have guided me through the darkness, and I give them my heartfelt recommendation.


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