Coaching Call – Tips

To get the most value from your coaching call we highly recommend;

1: Finding a quiet location without distractions.

– This might mean arranging baby sitters

– Locking the dog out

– Turning off the mobile

– Selecting the best environment possible

2: Try to ensure you are in a good reception area (good telephone reception area / good internet access area).

3: Have pen & paper available so you can make notes if necessary. (Pro tip: use headphones so you have your hands free to write).

4: If you have any specific questions – write these down in advance so you do not forget to raise them during the call.

5: Be open to learning. You may not always enjoy hearing what we have to share, but this is where the learning, and evolution takes place. Be open to the different, and neutral outside perspective that we can provide.

6: Be vulnerable. This is your safe environment to speak freely.

7: At the time agreed, please contact us using the information we have shared with you.

8: Please respect our time. If you need to cancel the appointment please do so with a minimum of 24 hours notice.