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There is beauty in the recovery...

Ever feared your past emotions will sabotage your future? I have…

Hello! I’m pleased to introduce myself and my work to you. Having been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for many years, and married to one as well, I felt good about my marriage, our communication skills and our ability to work through some very tough health problems that my husband developed when our child was only 2. Fast forward 20 years and life was stressful but because of my good old Protestant work ethic, I plowed on managing work, home, family, social, financial, etc, etc and with this blur of responsibilities and my husband’s ongoing pain condition, our marriage was imbalanced and it faltered. His infidelity was devastating, and I was angry, sad, felt guilty and was fearful of my future as a 60yo newly on the dating scene after the marriage died.

Six years later, I realized that while I had moved forward with work, friends, dating, and even the coparenting relationship with my ex, I was still triggered at various times of year and especially by books and movies portraying infidelity. I felt an undercurrent of anger and sadness despite therapy, travel, great friends and external activities. I also knew I was likely to replicate behaviors from the first marriage in another love relationship and wanted better insight into this. Everything I read about Naked Divorce rang true for me that if I wanted to truly feel clear of that marriage and divorce and the baggage associated with it, I needed to go back to basics and work forward again with self-care, honesty and a divorce coach…

My Recovery…

The 21-day Emotional Freedom Program in Naked Divorce was perfect for me. I buckled down, set aside the time, did the work and can honestly say I have felt so much lighter, positive, and at peace ever since.

As a practical person, my clinical and coaching work is focused on listening intently to you, supporting and guiding your Naked Divorce journey, asking the important questions and helping you move through the ND steps as Adele has designed them. In 21 days, you too can let go of anxiety, anger and sadness and be clearer about your strengths and your future. Imagine developing a sense of neutrality about your ex; being focused on you, not them, and taking the action steps to create your future. It is liberating to say the least.

I live on the East Coast in the US and am available to walk this journey with you, whether it involves divorce or the questions surrounding a rocky intimate relationship. My training includes a focus on the MBTI, intergenerational trauma resolution plus structural family therapy. The 21-day Naked Divorce coaching program was perfect for me and can be a game changer for you as well.

"Divorce is a journey on which we often don’t feel we have much control but I know the answers are within each person. My role and honor is to walk this journey with you and help you find your answers, regain your sense of strength, and redefine your new life journey."

Brenda Wilson
Divorce Coach - My Mission

My mission is to help men and women to navigate divorce in a compassionate and loving way. I love leading the program and retreats in the United States"

Brenda Wilson

Healing Journey

Divorce is what we call a shamed-based trauma. It’s therefore unlike other life traumas… “When someone dies, there is usually so much support and love around and people are much more compassionate and understanding. Divorce represents a failure within our society, so people approach this trauma with trepidation. They want to white-wash the events quickly so that the shame of the failure doesn’t impact them in any way. The sense of failure makes the shame component of healing from divorce acute. It’s therefore very important to heal in a very specific way, using a very specific coaching approach like The Naked Divorce.”

– Adèle Théron

In my free time, I am a potter, a pickleball player, a friend to many and I love a good book and a good trip to favorite old places or new ones. My adult son and my partner keep me on my toes!


Brenda Wilson's Credentials

Clinical Social Worker MSW, LCSW
Naked Divorce Coach
Smart Dating Coach
Employee Assistance Professional
Certified Aging Life care professional
Certified Professional Life Coach

"Brenda has been a beacon guiding me through many ups and downs. She’s been immensely helpful with guiding me as I navigate everything from the practical and pragmatic to the rollercoaster of emotions, with aplomb. I cannot recommend Brenda highly enough"


"Before I met Brenda, I had tried several different counselors over the years, and always felt like I was getting the runaround, just so I would come back for more time (and money). Brenda changed all that: not only did she listen to me with care and empathy, but she actually offered advice and concrete suggestions on how to deal with my problems. She’s a true professional who helped me get to the bottom of things quickly, so I could get back on track with my life"


"Brenda showed warmth and compassion through gentle direction and guidance on the first steps in a new single life. She listened and really heard our fears and concerns but ultimately helped each of us find a path to our inner strengths and empowerment"


"Brenda is a wonderfully warm, approachable and insightful person who will meet you where you are in whatever circumstance you find yourself. I was fortunate to work with her for over two years and quickly came to value her expertise, empathy and dedication to helping me recognize my patterns and learn how to change my responses to them. She helped me understand and practice the concept of self-care and as a result, I am a more confident and self-loving person. I recommend Brenda without reservation and totally attribute my personal growth and re-discovered confidence to working with her."


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