Ladies, take this break up test today | The Naked Divorce

Ladies, take this break up test today






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  1. Part of me still think I love him..or the man I thought he was he’s a narcissist..just sad ..really tried to make it work..I have a great guy now but I’ll never love anybody the same way I loved him.

  2. I wish that we hadn’t broken up

  3. I just feel like my life fell apart after being married for 19 years..

  4. Why am I acting this way?

  5. I am so lost

  6. I have the book. I have a query – where do I get the thought for the day from please?

  7. Please help me. I’m so devastated by losing my husband

  8. Thanks for reaching out.

  9. mndv;lasvn
    horrible time in my life

  10. I am separated… in the beginning stages of divorce proceedings. I am having a challenging time finding any joy in life. I also cannot sleep. Eating is also a challenge.

  11. There doesn’t seem to be any way to submit the answers to the test…

  12. My test did not go through…how do I send it? My circumstances are different. I still love my darling partner but due to Visa’s I cannot live with him and miss him every day. it has been two years now..and I am not sure I can ever love again as my heart is broken.

  13. I lost my loved one 2 years ago due to a visa problem with uSA and my heart failed during that time and the cost was my sweethearts sponsoring me and he has to fine over $400,000:00 for the surgery so we cannot get a green card or live together. I know I cannot forget him as we both were soul mates and could not resolve the cost of my new heart. Sadly I am very depresses and tried everything like sailing around Tasmania with a friend and I did not even get happy doing this as Randy was not with me like we planned.

  14. just trying to get to the test

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