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Angry: Feeling or showing strong resentment; wrathful.​

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Adele Theron - Divorce Coach Mentor

Adèle Théron – Founder of Naked Divorce

  • Anger is one of the victim states
  • We're Angry when we feel out of control
  • The darkest divorce persona
  • One of the hardest states to shake off
  • Retaliation can harm your own recovery
  • Correctly channeled you can use the energy off your anger to aid your recovery

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There are 5 specific break-up personality types. Each have their strengths and weeknesses. 


Learning more about yours will help you move forward, speed up your recovery, and reduce any emotional pain you might feel.


You are in this state due to a significant emotional trauma. Your body has chosen to use Anger to channel the negative feelings you are experiencing rather than allow self-examination which may be more painful for you to do at this time.


There can be various forms of emotional pain following the collapse of a relationship. Anger is the darkest


We tend to feel Anger when we feel the receiver of an injustice.


For example if we feel that something has been done-to-us, or something has been taken-away-from-us (such as when we feel our future has been stolen away from us), or we have received an action/event that we did-not-deserve, we often feel anger.


Anger can lead us to want to see punishment, vengeance, or retaliation upon that person.


However, it is often said that vengeance is like swallowing poison in the hope that someone else dies. That is, it can often do you more harm than to  your intended target. 


It’s not worth harming your own recovery, and there are better ways to channel this energy. So don’t do it – your full report explains more.


If we allow that type of dis-empowering thinking to fester it can be very damaging, and on a long-term (often) permanent scale. 


Without pro-active action this divorce persona can lead to bitterness that can all-too-easily become built-in, and become part of your long-term personality, infecting and harming many areas of your life.

Adèle Théron

The UK's No.#1 Divorce Coach


The emotion of Anger is an incredibly powerful tool when we need to take action. It can be an almost bottomless source of energy and really drives us to achieve our objectives.


When our objectives are pure and worthy this is great. When they are dark and negative, it is not. 


This can be one of the hardest states to shake off, particularly if it comes from a sense of injustice. In such a situation you need to get stable first. Routines, good diet, avoiding STEATs (like alcohol and other Short Term Emotion Avoidance Tactics) can all help achieve this.


You then need to take an objective view of what you consider to be the source of the divorce. And be aware that you may not be correct.


Often the source of this anger is not what it may seem.

Be Smart

In such a situation it is hugely advantageous to have a professional divorce coach to give their external, experienced and unbiased guidance.


One particular challenge with this emotion is the sense of righteousness that often accompanies it. This tends to prevent the consideration of outside ideas or perspectives, and a negative and downward negative spiral can be created that can be hard to break out of.

Consider, if you can, that however painful this situation is, it also provides you with an opportunity for personal growth.



If Nelson Mandela forgave his captures after years of incarceration, then that shows there is something to learn in even the darkest of situations.


Nelson went on to say that however hard that experience was, he wouldn’t change it as it helped make him become the man he was.


With expert help you can reframe your Anger into a positive energy. Refer to the full report for detailed information on how you can overcome your divorce, and get back to living the life you deserve.

“The focus of the coaching and program really helped me not only get over Michelle, but get on with my new life.”

Mark | Programme Manager | UK

'Angry' warnings…


Being in ‘denial‘ can prevent our own healing, because it holds us back from seeking the help that would otherwise move us forward.

Avoid STEATs

Avoid Short Term Emotional Avoidance Tactics like alcohol, social drugs, or over-eating. They only provide a false sense of healing and do nothing towards your long term recovery.


To move forward you first need to stabilise your emotions during what we call the Cocoon Phase. Don’t make any significant decisions until after this phase is complete.

Recovery Cycle

The reality is that you need to work through three distinct and separate phases for a full and complete recovery.

Faster Healing

There is no one-magic-ingedient that can lead to a full recovery. The best, fastest, and fullest recovery comes from a holistic solution.


The uncomfortable reality is that many unintentionally hold their own recovery back. You’ll need courage & commitment to achieve the full recovery you deserve.

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