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Your Way of Expression

Ten Reasons Why..

Ten Reasons Why He Dumped You. Ten Reasons Why Chocolate is Better Than a Man. Ten Reasons Why Woman Love Bad Boys. Ten Reasons Why Dogs and Men are the Same.

It’s these particular topics that have created an online traffic scramble attracting over 800,000 visitors to YouTube online presenter Emily Hartridge’s advice blog.

She’s a quirky 28 year old girl with explicit explanations like “Good chocolate is genuinely easy to find. A good man however is ******* difficult!” or “You can have more than one chocolate a night without ruining your reputation.”

These in-your-face comments and videos on global YouTube are immediately grabbing people’s attention; however the blogger stresses that the content of the videos is deliberately tongue-in-cheek. She says:

The main purpose of 10 Reasons Why… is to make people laugh. I want everyone to know that none of my reasons are my personal opinions. I am merely doing what us Brits do best: be sarcastic!”

Sarcastic or not, these topics have been an online sensation and not just because people like to laugh. It’s no shock to the system that people genuinely like to affiliate their experiences with others and hear someone else say something they’ve secretly thought in private or have been dying to blurt out publicly themselves!

Extremity: it’s within all of us

Certain situations and particularly these videos can be quite far-fetched for some, that’s granted. But hey, our emotions can be somewhat far-fetched! So sometimes it is nice to be reminded that extremity is not just within our emotions alone but with others as well.

Quite frankly, sometimes there is a need for the extreme.

When it comes to our experiences, break ups and divorce, as women we naturally look for outlets in which we can either talk or express our opinions and emotions.

Expression is healthy!

It may be in an intimate setting with your best girlfriends in a garden cafe or perhaps a far-fetched way of release similar to Emily’s blog advice on a public internet site.

The point is that there are many ways different ways of expression, this being one way. It might not be your cup of tea, but find out what is. How do you express yourself?

Till next time! Lots of hugs!