Powerful | The Naked Divorce - Part 2
Stop whining

2. Stop whining

Losers always whine about the reasons why they didn’t achieve something.

Winners simply work out what they can learn from the experience, count it as a step towards their goal, put it from their mind and move on.


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Stop being a victim

1. Stop being a victim

Stop being caught up in getting attention by playing the victim or trying to tell everyone your sob stories. Focus instead on solving the issues and problems in your life as quickly as possible, and moving on.


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12 Ways to be Powerful in 2017!

12 Ways to be powerful next year!

Instead of the usual suspects of exercise more, get out of debt, save more, drink less, eat more healthily, etc. how about committing to taking on the habits of thought and action that will make you more powerful in the new year?

After all, without a foundational strength of character what chance do any of your other resolutions have of succeeding? Not much!

If you can adopt even one of these lessons, you’ll find it far easier to gain control over your life, your emotions, and all your relationships this year – not least your relationship with yourself.

So next year, let’s…


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