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Introducing Phone and Rant

Want to rant and rave? No problem!

Imagine a world where a compassionate interested person was ready to hear you rant about your day. That’s not exactly common and very rarely encouraged. It is more commonly drilled into our heads that having a rant and rave is inappropriate and unnecessary.

But sometimes it’s exactly what you need.

Rather than take your troubles home and let them boil in your mind until your steam is burning everyone around you in the process, why not let it out in a controlled environment and rant to someone who actually cares?

Get it out of your system!

Whether you need release of an minor issue that has tried to mess up your day, or a sizable train-smash of a drama that has messed up your day, or you just have a general frustrating situation that needs a bit of a rant for you to let go of it – we have just the service for you.

Select a 5 minute rant, a 15 minute rant or a 30 minute rant and rant to your heart’s content!

You can experience the time frame you need accordingly and unwind, let loose and have someone who genuinely cares listen to you and make you instantly feel better!

Phone and Rant

This is an opportunity to help you let out what needs to be released. All you need is someone who is there to listen — they won’t try and counsel you and figure it all out for you. They are there to listen to you and let you say whatever you want to say. It is a fantastic way to allow yourself to release the things that are holding you at bay.

If we are suppressing emotions and keeping things bottled up beneath the surface eventually it is going to affect everything and everyone we touch.

Ranting (when not damaging the relationships of those closest to you) is not only healthy, it’s an opportunity to just get stuff out of your head, make more room for a clear space, to move on and not keep you stuck in a concrete barrier that doesn’t allow you any freedom to think or act.

Phone-and-Rant gives you the freedom to just be you.

When things don’t go your way, guess what? You’re allowed to be upset about that! And you can tell someone about it until your heart is content! You pick how long you want to rant and you can rave away!

Check out what everyone else is raving about and sign up for your freedom to let loose. We understand how frustrating life can be, especially when you don’t have anyone to express yourself to.

Is Phone and Rant exactly what you need? You tell us. http://www.phone-and-rant.com/

Till next time!