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Divorce laws change - uk

Is divorce too hard? Marriage too easy?

Divorce shouldn't be a drama, there I've said it… Whilst divorce is often a highly emotional time, and there are definitely significant hurdles to overcome (finances, children, accommodation, property, asset-division, emotional well-being, and more), the drama of divorce is in-my-opinion significantly increased due to the nature of the divorce...

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Rediscovery after breakup - Sally Golding

Rediscovery after a breakup

Rediscovering a Sense of Self After a Breakup Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over. ~ Guy Finley Self-identity and self-concept are largely developed through friends, family, values and simple day-to-day activities - all of which become incredibly...

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Expat Divorce Support - Naked Divorce - Adele Theron

Expat divorce support

How to get the help you need after your breakup Sometimes it takes a breakup to make you realise how strong your friendships really are - especially if you’re far from home. A few weeks ago, I got a call from a friend I hadn’t spoken to...

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Divorced personality online test quiz

Your online divorced test is here :)

Ok - we had some very lengthy problems fixing this test, but we got there… This online test only takes a few minutes to complete, the results are immediate, and it's Free! So what have you to lose? There are actually 5 different Divorce personality types,...

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