Check out these stats – they say it all…

Recent research has highlighted the fact that the recession, Christmas and New Year period have impacted on many relationships.
Stephens Scown Solicitors have researched and discovered emerging trends relating to marriage and divorce; their findings show:
•             32% of marriages last between 6 to 10 years.
•             Nearly 45% of people think that most divorces involve a visit [...]


New Years Resolutions Busted Already? Try this…

So how are your new year’s resolutions going? We are 3 weeks in and by now 56% would have given up on those goals you set yourself. Sad statistics indeed! So what separates the ones who achieve their goals from those who get resigned an quit?
This year has started completely differently for me to other [...]


Are you ready for divorce?

Hello wonderful people!
Here is a little interview between myself and Joanne Katz from Askimo TV answering some questions about whether you are ready for divorce or not.
I answer questions like:
1. How do I know if I am ready for divorce?
2. What about the children? Should I stay in the marriage for the sake of my [...]


Surviving Divorce – Some tips

Hello wonderful people!
Here is a little interview between myself and Joanne Katz from Askimo TV answering some questions about divorce and how to survive it.
I answer questions like:
1. What emotions can one expect to go through during/after a divorce?
2. What are the 10 challenges you must overcome to heal from divorce?
3. What divorce “survival tips” [...]



You are 30% more likely to divorce THIS FRIDAY!

How incredibly sad? There is actually a D DAY where family law firms and lawyers see a SPIKE in people enquiring about divorce and that day is the first day back to work after new years, i.e. Friday 3 January 2014.
More than any other day, there is a 30% spike in enquiries on this day.  [...]



Surviving Xmas being Divorced or Single!

Hello my lovelies
So, you’ve done your Xmas shopping, drunk some mulled wine, sung your heart out at your office Xmas party (oh dear) and eaten your body-weight in mince pies. WELL now what about the dreaded Xmas day itself? There isn’t a Gingerbread latte out there that can beat the loneliness and despair of sitting [...]


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